Ten minutes of education,Let a lot of people have a cold,Contracting the neck to hide the book on the table。
Then the class teacher started to count the names.,The initial few people simply say two sentences,The longer it is, the longer the time behind it.,Obviously she is rowing。
To the end,Some of the mother’s mouth,Looking down at the last person of the list。
A red pen painted and didn’t know how many circles、Paper is all broken。
“Li Nan,You stand up.!”
The cluster of the circumference is rapidly increased.,Standing up a tall figure。
He can’t get turned,Gaze。
Li Nan’s hair is dyed,But it is the matter before he is three.,Now there is only a little yellow in the end.,Because I haven’t maintained,Look。
http://www.xinlanmumen.cn Dumb stop, shaking。
The teacher Zhao Mom served:“The first test of the whole class,This time, 35!You tell me,What is this?!”
Li Nan Shen,Even some of them are not sure:“bad luck?”
“fart!You also spell the air during college entrance examination?”
“I have long said that I have to stabilize.,When can you change this??”
“You said you……”
“You will float in all classes so big.……”
One through at least five minutes of reprimand,Better than the sum of ten students in front,But Li Nan does not care,Just seriously staring at Zhao Mom’s face,Thinking about what is delicious tonight。
Waiting for Zhao Mom, dry tongue,Stop the kung fu,She is still very intimate reminder:“Zhao Ma,Want to get out of class……”
“Less lesson!You still want to go to get out of class,You still want to test the university.?”
“Just like you,Test a fart!”
“You still!”Zhao Mom looked at her dead pig, not afraid of boiling water,Suddenly,It’s so hanging to put the ear of this girl around the classroom three laps.。
Another rhythmic reprimand。
Li Nan is listening,Attack。
The mathematics of the side did not want to see the novel.,Grinning is like a fool。
Unconscious,The ring ring is ringing,Li Nan faces the anger of Zhao Mom,Whisper reminds:“Zhao Ma,Today my father’s birthday,I have to go back to eat early.,look……”
“You still go back to eat!How did you give you a parents??At the time of the dinner table, I said that you have taken thirty-five.?How many people in the whole class!what?How do you explain him??”
“I gave me a mother, I talked about fifteen.。”
“puff!”Mathematics teachers http://www.cctv-zhongjiangzhihui.cn can’t help but。
“you……are you mad at me!”Zhao Mom is very angry。