Zhu Minglang is fainted。

Under normal circumstances,Junior sister should not care about herself,Why did you become a Dragon Shepherd?!
“Zhu Lang,Why do you hide it,We hit it off、The story of two loves,No one knows the land of Sichuan。”At this moment,Nan Ling said with a smile,Even if you wear a veil, you can feel the charm of her stunning appearance。
“Sure enough,Sure enough!!”Zi Miaozhu was so angry that her body was shaking slightly,Those beautiful eyes are full of anger,“All these years,Grandpa kept lying to me,Say you are dead。in the end,You just have another woman,Don’t want to see me!”
I wish Minglang felt tight in my chest,Blood is gushing from my throat。
Is it a swordsman?,There is a bit of a sword hole in the brain!
I’m dead……
Ah ah ah,This is so hard to explain,Mainly because I am still standing here alive。
Nan Lingsha!
Nan Lingsha!!
Why every time I stir the muddy water,She must not be the indifferent and tranquil when painting、Everybody’s pretty temperament,It must be this little witch who is afraid that the world will not be chaotic!!
First121chapter Bigger and smaller
Master Jianzong Zi Miaozhu’s eyes,Stare like a big pearl,Showed strong hostility,Seems to have forgotten the existence of Zhu Minglang,But staring at Nan Lingsha。
Nan Lingsha is not afraid of her,Just look at him like that。
All the Jianzong disciples on the side looked dumbfounded,Look again from Zhu Minglang’s body carefully,I didn’t feel that this man had any great patience to make their master sister burst into jealousy here in front of everyone.!
“Junior sister,I have something important to tell the grandpa,Don’t be entangled in this kind of problem。”Zhu Minglang said。
“can,I’m not entangled,She is small,I am bigger。”Zi Miaozhu said。