This is not just unlocking skills,It is also because of Chu Deirers“Technique”,It is sufficient to make hair in the real gas perfusion,Tough as ski、And can be flexible,At the same time“body”,It is enough to make hair carrier……

“Humph!Let you know,The first palm of the world……Oy!”
White is self-cultivated by Chu Deirers,Life is broken。
The reason why it is useless“Come”,It is because it is unstable in the spirit of Bai.,Chu Deirers are afraid of being crazy.!
“Hands don’t matter,Let you see the first sword method in the world!”
I saw the chain of the chain that was originally locked between hands.,Your air,Sword……
And Chu Deirers take swordsman,Put out“Solitary sword”,Forced to have a mistake,Seven or eighty tricks,Fool“Be”A chain that will be slammed into a sword。
“What is this demon??There is a kind of、There is a kind of cultural strength!”
Whitening,Direct double palm to Chu Deirers straight to call,Chu Deirers don’t hide hard,Switch, two people started to fight inner strength。
Not for a while,White is full of face——Obviously the internal force gap between the two is not small!
Finally, Chu Deirers slightly shocked,White self-retrieving,Hit the iron seat,I can’t hold it.。
White is sitting above,Violent,then……Suddenly crying。
“What a dog is the first!”
“This also lost、That also lost……”
“a shame、Shameful people!”
Chu Deirers can’t bear to bear,So persuaded a sentence:“Mr. Wide does not have to be self-purple,I think……Mr. Wide’s internal strength、Palm、Sword,There is still no problem in the top fifty in the world.!”
White is more crying……
Waiting for the old man crying,Emotions are basically stable——Just as Yang Xiao is guessing,White from the spirit of the spirit,But to solve it very simple,I only need to defeat him a few times.,I can wake up。
Just look from just white self-sufficiency,It seems still on Yang Ya?
“Mr. Wide is better.?”Chu Deiren asked。
“You are……”White is exposed to some puzzle,It seems to be broken,There is still a bit blurred before and after,But thuged up to react:“You are the second red and white elderly!”
“Red and white?”Chu Deirers doubtful,After the righteousness:“Oh,I am a Chu Deireny.,But……Because the snow mountain is far from the Central Plains,So rumors are quite wrong.?Everyone on the rivers and lakes called me ten Wusheng!”
White from the eyes of the eyes——The rumor is circulated to the snow mountain school,Actually there is so much difference?
But I think about Chu Deirers.,The tricks are proud of themselves.,Force yourself,Said to be“Ten Wusheng”,It is not impossible to?
“Mr. Wide has recently been inner strength,so《Unomay》Gradually can’t control?”Chu Deirens are not waiting for it.,Directly interrupted and asked what he walked into the magic。
White is not comfortable——Gradually recall,What these days have,The shame is really not a little bit……
“good,Hey……Blessing,Blessing disaster。The old man seems to be aware of recent years.,Internal force, next to the floor,I thought that the snow mountain is further,did not expect……Hey,The ancestor《Unomay》,It is to make the future generations are not far from,And self-esteem……”
White is coming again,I don’t know if he is now constant.,Still go to the other extreme。
《Unomay》Desired mood,It is necessary to make the heart like ice mirror.,know yourself。
His property and the geographical location of the Snow Mountain,Have a big relationship,One is the cold,The second is to repair the extremely cold,Three is this heart,Not only can you strengthen the most self-control,At the same time, it also avoids the snowy mountains because they are far away from the Soil.,The door is gradually high、No surplus。
even so,Snow Mountain Party White Wind,Also quite expanded……