Gan Yifan said:“I wanted to explain to you before,But you just passed out。I left the other day just to find them……I’ll tell you the details after turning around,They are all in the water now,Bring them back in time。”

“I will go with you。”
“Can you?”
“do not know,But it feels ok。”
“Forget it,It takes about ten minutes to find them in the water,It takes at least twenty minutes to go back and forth,If they are not awake,Time will be longer。Don’t risk it,Just waiting for me to pick them up。”
“But i don’t want to be here alone。”
Gan Yifan smiled,Say:“You are different now,Very strong,Do not be afraid。”
Xu Wan gave him a white look,I didn’t really want to follow,Exhorted:“Don’t let me wait too long,come back quickly。”
“Ok,Will be back soon this time。”
indeed,Launch this time,Less than twenty minutes,Gan Yifan has already returned with six people。
It’s just that the six people who came back are very strange,No one is curious about this space,All in a trance,It seems to be worried,Follow Gan Yifan into the stone house,And then all sat down without saying a word。
Even Ningbei Zhizhi,I only paused when I glanced at Xu Wan,Then sit down everywhere,Close your eyes。
Bang“teacher”Stuck in the throat,Xu Wan was also at a loss。
Gan Yifan knows the reason。