“Dare to go to the island at this time,I want to die!”

Leo looked at the pirate in front of him,Discovered is just one of the important cadres of Skopodor,Suddenly lost interest。
Leo draws his sword instantly,Knife light burst,A large number of pirates rushing forward in front of two swords。
“Damn!”The leading pirate saw Leo’s flying slash,I knew Leo was not a small person。
Jianhao can be the leader of a medium-sized pirate group on the great route,Is a master of the upper middle class,And in this North Sea, he is the top master。
but,He still underestimated the speed of Leo’s sword energy,Because of the pressure of sea water,Causes his strength to be substantial,The shot speed is also faster than the average swordsman。
Sword Qi swept over these pirates。
The pirate who was standing was half dead in an instant,The rest of those who escaped the catastrophe are also deeply concerned,Horrified。
“who are you,When did the navy appear such a powerful swordsman!”The headed pirate asked loudly。
“I’m not interested in talking nonsense with you scumbags!”Leo’s eyes are full of chill,Because of his eyes,At least hundreds of corpses。
“you,You don’t go too far,Our boss Skpodol is not weak either,You are causing trouble for yourself!”