“Uncle Zhao,I have something to go to town,We set a time,Required procedures,I will cooperate。”Zhao Feng reluctantly smiled,Then I started to organize my luggage。

“Uncle Zhao didn’t drive you away!You still stay one night,I’ll go through the formalities tomorrow afternoon!”Zhao Qingyu stepped forward to block,Never forget“Casually”Mention time。
“Uncle Zhao,I really have something,in fact,Even if you don’t come,I plan to go to town in a few minutes……How about this,One o’clock tomorrow afternoon,I will come,Fix everything。”Zhao Feng insists,Zhao Qingyu is not good to say anything。
Zhao Feng doesn’t have much luggage,In addition to a few extracurricular books,There are only two summer outfits left、Two sets of school uniforms and two coats,After everything is installed,Half of the suitcase is empty。
11:22 PM,Zhao Feng with a heavy heart returned to Fuyuan Community,But did not stay much,After putting down the luggage,Then left for——Qilin Mountain。
Take a ride to the suburban road,The road after that is not for vehicles。
Zhao Feng ran all night,Get rid of all distractions,Before dawn, I arrived at the Qilin Mountain.。
“Three thirty four,It took 40 to 50 minutes from the city to the suburban highway,It took almost three hours to get to Qilin Mountain,It takes at least seven hours to go back and forth a day……Too time consuming,If you can cultivate flesh veins,Maybe it can reduce the time to less than six hours。”Zhao Feng looked at the phone timing,I silently calculated my night shift time and the time to go back and forth,Because of the blessing effect of the Bahuang Martial Art,As long as you are in a state of cultivation,You just need to eat to recover,Sleep is not so important。
But even so,There are only twenty-four hours a day,Nine hours of night shift deducted、Seven hours round trip,One hour stay in Qilin Mountain,Only seven hours left。
Zhao Feng has made plans to maintain this kind of work and rest for a long time,But once school starts,Time seems scarce。
“Really can’t do,Just discuss with Teacher Liu,Reduce class hours,You can study by yourself during the night shift……”
Zhao Feng is making plans in his heart,Side up the mountain。
Dong dong dong……
Zhuang Chongyang who is resting on a wooden bed,Habitually dare not sleep too much,With the knock on the door,He opened his eyes almost at the same time,But before the knocker speaks,He is not going to get up。
“Zhuang Lao,it’s me……”
Hear Zhao Feng’s voice,Zhuang Chongyang quickly got up and opened the door,Outside,Zhao Feng stands by the moon,Although the breath has calmed down,Sweat on the body is not dry。
“How is yaya?”Zhao Feng asked with concern。
“Already asleep,No physical discomfort,Just……The speed of poison recovery is faster than I thought,But it should last another day or two……”Zhuang Chongyang hurriedly invited Zhao Feng into the house。
“I have something in the afternoon,Came here early……For the source of poison,I currently have nothing to do,Can only continue to use the old methods to slow down the toxicity,Really want to solve the poison source,I’m afraid I still have to rely on the old man’s medical skills。”Zhao Feng helplessly said。
“Enough enough!With the help of benefactor,Yazai’s health will get better and better,You can start refining prescriptions that you didn’t dare to use.,Zhuang will solve the source of the poison as soon as possible!But the benefactor’s body……”Zhuang Chongyang worried that Zhao Feng would go back and forth like this,Will leave hidden dangers to the body。