More than a dozen clubs rushed up,It’s a pity that they can’t surround Master Sheng at all,Speed is not on the same level at all。

Master Sheng moved fast,Rush left,Like the legendary martial arts master,Point to the west,Fast shuttle among the crowd。
Less than a moment,I lay down a lot on the ground。
Those beaters only need to be touched by Sheng Ye’s fists and feet,Like being hit by a heavy hammer,Can’t get up at all,And their swarms,In addition to making the other party more vigorous,There is no effect at all。
The difference in strength is too far!This scene in front of you,Like a kung fu movie,While seeing people’s blood,But my heart is chilling。
It turns out that there are really masters in this world!
If such a master comes to assassinate,Who can stand it??
For a time,Datang and the others get more and more chilled,All retreat in my heart。
I knew He Liansheng was so terrible,You shouldn’t provoke them at all。
“Still not going!”With Sheng Ye yelled,Five or six people around him were all shaken off,Fell down。
Datang and others were flustered by the drink,All fighting spirit,Can’t wait to turn around and run。
Who would have thought that Master Sheng would transform into a monster,One enemy one hundred,If I didn’t just watch this scene,Who would really believe。
Datang and their bosses backed away in fright,The little brothers under his hands naturally refuse to die anymore,Or lie down and play dead,Either retreat uncontrollably by the vigor of Master Sheng,Dare not go forward at all。
Unknowingly,Crowd retreat,I can still stand in front of Master Sheng,Only Lu Menglin and the others are three。