Lin Yuner heard Qi Tianqi’s words,Smiled awkwardly,For Qi Tianqi’s praise,She is really ashamed,Because when she was just now,The thinking in my mind is not the problem,The reason she said that just now,It’s just to relieve embarrassment,Nonsense。

but,What Lin Yuna never expected was,What she said casually,It will cause them so much attention。
to be frank,Lin Yuna at this moment,Seeing Qi Tianqi’s eager eyes,He really wants to explain to him what he really thinks,But this is just thinking about it。
She is not stupid,I won’t say to them inexplicably what I had in my mind just now.?
Once Lin Yuna tells her truest thoughts,,Then she will not only offend Qi Tianqi,Even Xiao Fan will laugh at her, right。
and so,For the praise and gratitude from Qi Tianqi,Lin Yoona had to accept it。
Anyway, this is fine,Isn’t it?
Oh,Do not,wrong,Lin Yoona suddenly realized that this evaluation was wrong,Because it’s not good,And it should be very good。
after all,Because of such a beautiful misunderstanding,She has not only gained everything from Qi Tianqi’s company, the business they Lin can undertake,And look like this,Qi Tianqi should also recognize her and Xiao Fan very much。
Thus,For the future development of the Lin Group,That is of great help。
If you think of a way, you can restore Zi Qian and Qi Tianqi to a father-son relationship,Then I or the group,Should be able to get more benefits。
Thought of here,Lin Yoona couldn’t help but smiled bitterly,When did I become so scheming and powerful??
What did she want to do before,What you can do。
right now,Why has she become doing everything with purpose??
But after thinking about it,,Lin Yuner was relieved,after all,Helping the children who warm their hearts,At that time,But no purpose。
And from Lin Yoona’s point of view,Even if Zi Qian’s biological father is not Qi Tianqi,But just an ordinary person,She should be thinking about helping them too!