The latter is very lonely at this time,Because he heard Wang Fang’s name just now。He finally understands why Lin Xinxin is so confident。It turns out there is such a giant behind it。

This kind of existence, let alone his company,Even if his parents add up and bring some family connections, they cannot be Wang Fang’s opponent.。
After all, Wang Fang is the top ten rich man in China.。
Such characters are well-known bosses throughout China and even Asia。How could someone from a small brokerage company be able to compare it??
But he just can’t understand,If it is Wang Fang,Isn’t eight million trivial to that person??Why don’t you even want to pay this little money??
To know,When many big companies dig corners,The best way to make artists change jobs is to help them pay liquidated damages。This is especially true for Wang Fang’s company。
In the past, there were a lot of news in the newspapers saying how much money this big guy threw to pay a penalty for a big star.
“okay,Don’t think about it!”
Qin Feng found that Zhao Kuo was wrong,So quickly stop this stuff and think about it。
After all, if you don’t investigate this matter,The answer is impossible to be delivered automatically。Even if you think of your head exploding,Very likely to be away from the truth
All have a lot of distance。
“But what can i do?”
Zhao Kuo feels wronged。Why is Wang Fang involved in Lin Xinxin??
“Don’t think too much,Lin Xinxin may just be talking。If it’s the king,Does he see your company?Do you need to work on your company??This is obviously not what he meant!”
Although the words are not good,But tell the truth,In terms of the price of Dynasty Group,That’s a big man worth hundreds of billions。That means his company is a listed group,Not all the stocks are held in his hands。Otherwise, he must have already become the richest man in the world。
But even now he doesn’t have a lot of shares in Dynasty Group,But he is still on the Forbes list!
“So??”Zhao Kuo thinks what Qin Feng said makes sense!
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Three tough
“Na Qinfeng,I now how to do?”Zhao Kuo has lost his backbone long ago,Now I hope Qin Feng can make a decision to help him。