“do not know!”The guard turned his head and glared at George.·Walker glance:“shut up!”

In the eyes of prison guards,George·Walker is already dead,He is at best a group of walking corpses。
Knowing George·Why walker、After offending someone who did their best,Even the prison guards don’t like George·Walker can get out of prison alive:Although this hapless guy was only sentenced to three years in prison,But it’s not normal for a prisoner to die somehow in prison??
Even if everyone knows George·What is the real cause of death of this hapless Walker?,But all the evidence will not point to the big man。
George·Walker obediently responded,But in my heart I am thinking hard about who it might be to see myself:Is his wife?impossible,That damn woman hasn’t seen herself for two full months;Is that his son who is in college??Impossible,No living expenses provided by myself,His finances during this period should be very difficult,How could I come back to see myself?;That’s my own lawyer?
Think of lawyers,George·Walker shook his head subconsciously:Then even more impossible,My case is over,How could a lawyer come to himself?
Can’t be his own wife,Can’t be his own child,Not a lawyer,Who the hell is that?
Make George·Walker is curious,The road the two prison guards took themselves did not seem to be the road to the visiting room,Seems to go to the office area?
Really office area,Looking at this hanging“meeting room”Room of the brand,George·Walker is in a daze:what’s the situation?
“go in。”
Looking at George standing in a daze at the door·Walker,The headed prison guard handed George·Walker pushed in,George caught off guard·Walker staggered two steps,then,He saw the one he would never forget in his life、The man who sent himself to this ghost place。
Looking at Chen Geng,George·Walker’s eyes went red instantly,He didn’t expect to see his own people,It was Fernandez who sent himself into this ghost place.·Chen,Ok,There are two guys like his shadow behind him:Statham and Laleford。
“George,bossCome to you,I have something to ask you,You better answer honestly。”Statham standing behind Chen Geng said solemnly。