Chinese medicine 8 tips to teach you to shape your eyes_1

8 tips for TCM to shape your glamorous eyes

Lead: Eyes, like other organs, gradually degenerate and weaken with age or due to the effects of other diseases.

How to raise eyes to improve health?

According to the conventional and traditional methods of raising eyes, combined with the knowledge of modern medicine, eight methods of raising eyes can be summarized.

  Method one: iron the eyes every morning or before bedtime, sit or stand, close your eyes, and rub the palms of both hands at the same time, you will feel fever for about half a minute, and then quickly press the palms of your hands on your eyes.

When the heat sensation is not obvious, try again in the same way and repeat this cycle 14 times a day.

This method has the effect of improving the circulation of blood through living.

  Method 2 Yunmu naturally stood 2-3 meters in front of the window, and stared at the 4 window angles in turn, alternately clockwise and counterclockwise, repeating a total of 7-14 times. This method can relax muscles and improve vision.

  Method Three baths use hot water, hot towel or steam to fumigation the eyes, 1-2 times a day, 15-20 minutes each time.

You can also use a traditional Chinese medicine bath, that is, chrysanthemum, Daqing leaves, mulberry leaves, bamboo leaves and other traditional Chinese medicine decoction. First, steam the eyes with hot steam, and wait for the water temperature to bathe your eyes.

Over time, it can clear heat, anti-inflammatory, and eyesight.

  Method 4 Yangmu usually pays attention to the choice and matching of diets, such as the matching of coarse and fine grains, and the matching of vegetarian dishes.

In addition, eat more vegetables and fruits, pay attention to the supplement of vitamins and trace elements, eat kelp, carrots, celery, animal liver, etc. appropriately.

  Method: Close your eyes with five eyes, block the eyes with the middle and forefingers of both hands, and pressurize the rhythm appropriately (so as not to feel uncomfortable), with a slight rotation.

This method is most suitable for the elderly, especially glaucoma patients.

However, people suffering from eye disease or eye surgery must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Never use too much force.

  Method Six pole heads are selected in the morning to take place in an open, fresh air, and the body naturally stands upright. The two eyes first look at a target in the distance, such as a treetop, a spire or a mountain peak.

At this time, try to relax your eyes as much as possible. After holding for 1-2 minutes, gradually move your eyes closer until you are about 1 foot in front of your eyes. Gaze for about 1 minute, and then move your eyes from near to far to the original target.

  Method Seven eyes be careful not to overuse the eyes, regardless of the ages of men, women and children, we must pay attention to saving eyes, such as reading, writing or watching TV do not last for too long, usually about 40–60 minutes, that is, 5-10 minutes rest.

  Method 8 Do not protect your eyes from strong sunlight or light for a long time, not to read newspapers and newspapers under strong light, and the brightness of TV should not be too strong.

If traveling in summer, wear suitable sunglasses.

In addition, patients with various refractive errors should wear appropriate glasses.