How to save the heart of adolescents

How to save the heart of adolescents

In the Guangxi Juvenile Detention Center on Changhu Road, juvenile offenders in the flower season temporarily said goodbye to the bustling outside because of a momentary misstep.

Yesterday, a group of uncles and aunts brought a different kind of love and warmth to their lives.

Organized by the Municipal Creation Organizing Committee of the National Demonstration City Campaign for Preventing Youth Crime, the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court, and the Nanning Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League jointly sponsored the large-scale gang-teaching activity called “Delivering Warmth to Underage Persons”.

  On the same day, a teaching team composed of community volunteer teams such as Nanning Zhongsi Law Firm and Guangxi Mental Health Association sent books to provide legal counseling and mental health counseling for these adolescents to help them reduce their psychological shadow and look forward to a better future.
The Fourth Hospital of Nanning also sent a large-scale medical vehicle to carry out family-friendly activities such as special X-ray lung fluoroscopy medical examinations.

  Another good thing is that the youth warning education base in Nanning has also been officially hung on the board of the district young management office.

In the future, Nanning will occasionally visit various lessons and antiques to help young people, especially prisoners, learn, know, understand and use the law.

  ■ Experts stated that the love of family members cannot be replaced. “When they committed crimes, they were children and their minds were immature.

Now entering the high wall, they need more psychological counseling and psychological enlightenment.

Tan Xingji, a psychology teacher at the Second Middle School, said that the goal of reducing the life confusion of underage prisoners and temporarily resuming their lives was low, and they often lost their tempers for no reason, but the most worrying thing was family pressure.

Fearing that parents and family would not forgive them because of a momentary mistake.

  ”Family love cannot be replaced. If parents give them more encouragement and care, the attitude of the underage prisoners will become very positive.

Police Officer Liu of the Guangxi Juvenile Detention Center’s Education Department said that parental care would rekindle children ‘s passion for life.