Building a rule of law

  On December 4th, it was the eighth National Constitution date. We ushered in the fourth "Constitutional Promotion Week". In the past few days, various departments around the world surrounded the theme of "Xi Ping Rule of Rule of Law as Guidaway Road to Guide to the Road" of China Characteristic Socialist Treatment Road ", organized a variety of rule of law publicity activities, which strongly promoted the general society to enhance the law-abiding usage and understanding and ability.

  Governing the country with the Gui, Anbang is born. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has clearly proposed a comprehensive provision of law in accordance with the law, and incorporates it into the "four comprehensive" strategy layout. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the central government have fully implemented the national legislation, the scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, justice, fair judicial, and national law-abiding design. The Sixth Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee summarizes the historic achievements in the new era of party and national undertakings, and historic changes have been made, and it is one of the important aspects in accordance with the law. Under Xi Jinping New Times, the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics is the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping’s legal thoughts. We firmly remove the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the socialist rule of law of Chinese characteristics is constantly improving, and China’s construction of China has taken a solid step, and the rule of law Fundamental, stable expectations, long-term security effects further, and the ability of the party to use the rule of law and the ability to govern countries have significantly enhanced.

  The road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a concentrated reflection of the achievements and experience of socialist rule of law. It is the only correct road to building socialist rule of law. It must be recognized that we must adhere to the socialist road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, essentially a specific embodiment of the socialist road in China in the field of rule of law; the theory of socialist rule of socialism we must develop is essentially the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The theoretical results on the issue of the rule of law; the socialist system we need to build is essentially legal expressions in the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. Established on the path of new tests, we face a rare opportunity and face a serious challenge.

Only unwavering the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, focusing on building a socialist rule of law system of Chinese characteristics, building a socialist rule of law, adhering to the party’s leadership, the people are the master, and the national organic is unified according to law, and the rule of law is constantly Development of the whole process of people’s democracy, insisting on resolving the problems in the field of rule of law, promoting the national governance system and governance ability modernization in the rule of law, in order to fully build socialist modern countries, China’s dream of the Chinese nation provides strong rule of law Assure. The rule of law is in the country, and the rule of law is strong.

In the new journey, we must be guided by Xi Jinping’s rule of law, unwilling to go to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and implement the party’s leadership to the whole process and all aspects of the law, and insist on governing the country according to law, governing according to law, administering according to law Promote, adhere to the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law society integration The potential, promoting all aspects of institutions more mature, providing long-term system guarantees for the development of party and national undertakings.

  Comprehensively implement the Constitution is a primary task and basic task and basic task and fundamental work of building a socialist rule of law in a comprehensive implementation of the Constitution.

The life of the Constitution is being implemented, and the authority of the Constitution is also implemented.

We must study in depth to practice the idea of ??Xi Jinping, deep understanding and grasp the important discussion about the constitution, and insist on the implementation of the Constitution, summarizing the implementation of the Constitution, and putting comprehensive implementation of the Constitution to a new level. The authority of the Constitutional law originated from the inner support and sincere belief of the people, strengthening the constitutional learning and publicity and education is an important foundation for the implementation of the Constitution.

To carry out the respect of the Constitution, study the Constitution, compliance with the Constitution, to maintain the Constitution, and use the Constitution, and promote the spirit of the Constitution, establish a constitutional authority, so that all the people have become a faithful to the socialist rule of law, consciously abide by Servers, firm defenders.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Develop and implement the Constitution, promote the rule of law, building a rule of law, is an inevitable requirement of the national prosperity, national revitalization, social progress, and the happiness of the people.

"Taking the National Constitutional Day as an opportunity to promote the spirit of the Constitution, effectively enhance the constitutional consciousness, promote comprehensive implementation of the Constitution, firmly move the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we must be able to build a socialist rule of law in building Chinese characteristics, build a society The resolution of the law in the country is constantly achieving new achievements and creates new glories.