Development and Reform Commission: Will comprehensively rectify industrial centralized "mining" and other key behaviors

Original title: Development and Reform Commission: Will comprehensively rectify industrial centralized "excavation" People’s Network Beijing November 16 (Reporter Xuvina) On the morning of the 16th, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference in November. At the meeting, Meng Wei, a national development reform committee, said that when it comes to the virtual currency "mining" governance, the virtual currency is a specific virtual product, which is not issued by the currency authority, does not have legal qualifications and mandatory, not Real currency, should not be used as a currency in the market.

  Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission held a vast currency "mining" governance special video conference, informing the monitoring and remediation of virtual currency "mining", deploying the next phase of work, requiring various provinces and municipalities to effectively support genus responsibility, construction system , Grasp monitoring, to clean up the virtual currency "mining" activities in the region, strictly investigate the "mining" activities involved in the country-owned units.

  In this regard, Meng Wei said that next step will be based on industrial centralized "mining" and state-owned units involve "mining" and bits "excavation" focuses on comprehensive remediation. For the unit of executing the electricity price of residents, if you find that the virtual currency "mining" activities will be found, it will study the high-pressure trend of its increasing penalty electricity price, forming sustained rectification of virtual currency "mining" activities. In September this year, the People’s Bank of China will printed on the "Notice on Further Prevention and Disposal of Virtual Currency Transactions". It is clear that the virtual currency does not have legal status, and its related business activities are illegal financial activities, participate in virtual currency. There are legal risks in investment trading activities. "Renovation of virtual currency ‘mining" activities to promote my country’s industrial structure optimization, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and have important significance for carbon-up, carbon neutralization goals. "Meng Yu pointed out that due to virtual monetary related business activities belong to illegal financial activities Therefore, there is an extremely serious harm of virtual currency "mining" behavior. Virtual currency "mining" energy consumption and carbon emissions are large, the development of industrial development, technology progress does not have positive role, plus the risk of virtual currency production, transaction link derived, its blind disorder development is high in promoting economic society Quality development and energy conservation and emission reduction have caused serious adverse effects.

  In addition, Meng Wei said that in order to resolutely implement the relevant deployment requirements of the "mining" rectification work, the National Development and Reform Commission is issued with the relevant departments of the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Net Truna Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. " Notice on rectifying the virtual currency "mining" activities, clearly collecting the virtual currency "mining" activity to the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance" "Phase" directory, require effective measures, comprehensive rectification Virtual currency "mining" activity. (Editor: Musheng Yu, Xu Qian) Sharing let more people see.