NS786chapter Qingyuan Xiangxue

Twenty-two-year-old Sword Master,And still a little girl,This is indeed very rare,San Tail, You http://www.mjmp88.cn Feng, I don’t believe in expressions.:“Is it a legend?”
“Be no legend,I am seeing it.,And also personally with her,She started practicing the swords from understanding,Although only twenty-two years old,But her sword level has almost reached the realm of unmanned enemy.,Knights called the millennium。”
“Three tails,I also heard,Just have never seen it。”Royal wood,
“The strength of the three tails is one of the war。”Fujihai Shi Wei said,
“what is her name?”
“She is the Qingyuan Xiangxue,A sword has exceeded 10 paragraphs of Jianji!”Fujiwara said,
“Listen to everyone,I really can’t wait to visit her.!”
“Three tails,Don’t forget that we have tasks.。”Royal wood glow quickly reminded,
“Royal Mood,We are still useless now.,If there is no real master assistance,Even if you find a killing action group, we can’t http://www.szcrogkvrgfuqj.cn stay.。”Three Yousyou said,
“We have a gun in your hand!”Royal wood,
“Royal Mood,In the face of the killing action group,The gun is basically not used,Because they will not give you a chance to shoot.,Even if you shoot we are not their opponent,Because they all are bounced with a madman。”
“What is it?,In front of the preparative swordsman,The knife in his hands can even be shot to his bullets.。”Fujihai Shi Wei said,
“Mr. Fujihara,What you said is too mason.!”Royal wood,
“What I said is true,Enteriang Xiangxue can do the arrow to her arrow。”Fujihai Shi Wei said,
“Arrow arrow and bullets can not be compared。”Royal wood,
“Is it not possible to say within twenty steps??”
Yushu origan is right,Although he doesn’t know how the difference is in the end.,But I know the arrow speed within twenty steps http://www.momobag.cn should be very fast.,Not ordinary people can react。
“Mr. Fujihara,Then I will go to visit other several other people.,Strive to find a few masters to cope with the killing action group。”Three Yousyou said,
“Three tails,Our vine is willing to support,If there is a need to told the command。”Fujiwei’s ten soldiers worried that other families quickly said,
“Thank you for your support,I will definitely say to the emperor.。”Royal wood is born on the side,
“Three tails,I will take you to the Qingyuan home.。”Fujihai Shi Wei said,
“That’s better.!”
Fujihai ten soldiers,Fujihai Hao、Three Tail,Royal wood rushed four people came to the Qingyuan home,I learned that the main characters of the Qingyuan family are also all in the living room.,Among them, the Qingyuan Xiangxue。
“Three tails will defeat Liuyuan, Lao Lang?I didn’t expect the army in the army.!”Qingyuan is angry,
“Qingyuan master,I have said Xiangxue with the three tails.,Let him see the greatness of Xiangxue.。”Fujihai Shi Wei said,
“How can I let Xiangxue be arrogant in front of the three tails!”The Qingyuan is humidity,
The Qingyuan Xiangxue is very interested in saying:“Father,Three tails will be able to defeat Liuyuan, Xintang predecessors,The strength is indeed,Let your daughter try it.。”
“Mr. Qingyuan,please!”Three ends,
“Three tails,I am really afraid that you are too rude.!”The Qingyuan is full of confidence in his own daughter.,
“Don’t be tight!If Miss Xuekue can hurt me,I still have a big reward!”Horizon this,In the heart,Just relying on your Japanese swords, I don’t have it.。
“Really?”Qingyuan Xiangxue is only twenty-two years old,Because Chengtian practice Kejian,It is still like a teenage little girl,