Didn’t let Liao Jie wait too long,The steep steep hill is like a curtain,The coldness of the cold,A green ghost fire,Black press-pressed eagle ghosts open the army。

Military array,Every travel is shocked by the ground.,Silent silence is no hustle and bustle。And not to mention how the force is,Single is this military capacity,The ghost army under the hand of the ghost king,Pick up and compare,There is no qualification for shoes.。
Most powerful,Seventeen horses,Sixteen black arrars fluttering,Ghost,Black smoke,It writes a black mountain、Words like death。
The head of the ghost put the shawl armor,Including the horse’s horse,The whole body is covered under the armor of the dark smoke.,The face is buckled with iron stone mask。
“Help,Long-term knowledge,The efficiency of the duty event is really fast!”
Yan Chixiao,At the same time, the voice is given to Liao Jie.:“Be careful,This is the army of Montenegro.,A millennium,Do you use it so much?,Is it a tree demon is a black mountain??”
Haven’t officially faced with the tree demon,Yan Bixia brain has a beautiful image of a beautiful and boundless,Xu Niang semi-old style stills,In addition to the sound,The appearance of the body is unpicky。
“Only ask one sentence,How many more?”Liao Jie’s eyebrows。
“Just this ghost,I am not difficult to pack them.,Amazer,贼 先 王,I am waiting for the leader of the leader.,This ghost army is not enough。”
Yan Chixia:“As for Montenegro, he became famous for thousands of years.,Skill,Hand-eyed。Strong, in the middle of the city,No people dare to manage,No one dares to ask,There is some famous sayings in the eyes.。”
死 城 是 阴 大 监,Montenegro is strong,Grids are fierce ghosts,Long-term moon,Washing from the bandits head into prison prison,Will a name justified。
“Be careful later,Ghost will look up,I can’t take care of you.。”
Liao Jie nodded,There are a few points in the pale demon on the upper black mountain.,Yan Bixia didn’t say,Four reserves are also playing。
“Yan Chixia、Cui Jin gradually,You are so long, but I don’t want to fall into the middle.,Not so much abuse,I hurt the soul messenger,I am waiting to come to catch up.,What is the lastment to explain??”
“Of course。”
At this moment,Shout what is embarrassing,Yan Chi Qixia:“Give Montenegro passion,That is, Yan Chi, I wish him a blessing,Birthday。”
Ghost will smell,Since Montenegro’s old demon,I haven’t seen such a priest for a long time.。
“how,Does Yan hero not listen clearly??”
Liao Jie back,After standing in Yan Bixia,Loudly:“Yan Man, I wish the old monster, a hundred years old,Infertility,Child-grandchond!”
Finish,Liao Jie Yan Yan gantry vertically a thumbs up,It is a generation of heroes,Speaking of the words,He just repeated,I can’t help but boil boiling。
Yan Chixia:“”
Before I said,If he is dead?,It must be drowned by Liao Jun。
“Mullion,Dare to chew here!”
Ghost will pull out the waist long sword,Bridal,Vibrating arm。
霎 time,Black press-pressure ghost soldier,阴 阴 过,Black smoke ghost,Military array,Ghosty clouds,It’s like a group of black inks to spread in the water.。
声 吟 虎,Yan Chung Squa is flying in the sky,Passing the intensive swords behind,in a blink,That is straight down。
He has a hands,Mind in your mouth,And then bitten the fingertips,Double-handed,Write a Taiji in the palm of the palm。
The flying sword of the dense Ma Ma is rushing into the cloudy cloud,Transition and shoot into the canyon,All are the swords on a layer of Thunder.。
“Unknown,Sun and moon,The wind is like a law!”
“Qiankun,Heaven and earth relies!”
Flying sword,With Yan Bianshi hands,Creating golden swords rain shop full canyon。With a sound of sound,The sword is mixed and thundering,Fried a military ghost array,Every lightning is scattered,There are big 阴 阴 兵 气 气 气 气 片 片。
Yan Bixia is above the flying sword,Cheers continue to press the palm,Handicown Leader summon cloud lightning,Continuously frying in the kettle military array。
Just a few breathing skills,One person swept the army,Hard students,Kill the 阴 兵 兵 魄 魄 魄。
Below,Liao Jie behind the ghosts,Golden sword,Yinhong blood soaking money sword,Arrange around and rear neatly。
May be recently borrowed Xiao Qian、Small green cultivation,Practice a little head,The essence is more popular,Money sword after blood,Red ray is hot,The hundred handles dance,It’s like a huge fireball,Flame rolling,It can always feel strong heat waves.。
He hits the wings,Push down the ground,Although the speed is not fast,But the fierce flaky turns is cloudy,Yinbai is slightly close,It’s hot and flying.。