Why is Yushan?,Why isn’t Yu Yu??Amina’s most unwilling person now,Justu,none of them。

“actually,I have long you know that you are you.,Just I still have a lucky luck.,Want to see。result,No miracle happening。”
Yuxian handed the letter in the cuffs to A Shiza,Helpless:“Gao Bo Yi has told me this thing.。”
Say?He is also very embarrassed?
Amina’s Yandu is clearly connected,After reading it,Talent。
She thought that Gao Bao was announced in the letter.,Your lady is really good,And you will also play,How is such a fun woman?。
As a result, the other party did not say anything.,Just concise say that her Turkic princess wants to return to the grassland.,So after giving my daughter,Go back。
Daughter is taken care of in Yucheng,Like this。
“Letter,True,I want to go back to the grassland.,Gao Bo Yi did not abuse me。”
many things,Amina Yuz will never tell anyone,Especially Uyure。Humanity is this。Gao Bao is grateful to her,I look at her。So she can’t find Yuxian complaint,Instead, it is necessary to say good words.。
Amina Yuz is originally to see the Yuxian again.,I will do it.。But when this happens,Her inner heart is incomparably calm。
He loved her,She gave him a daughter.,Two clear。
“Vomit vomiting”
No signs,That kind of extreme disgusting,A Shi Yats can’t help but hurt.,But completely spit out。She took the sour plum fruit came out to eat one,Some embarrassment looks at your own“Forever”。
Ude saw her,It’s hard to see when you suddenly!
Then marry Yu, is not A Shizuz to determine.,But the stomach is big,It is her character problem.!
“you,Pregnancy,right?I finally know why the royal brother wants me to come here.。It turns out that he wants me to see what kind of person you are.。”
The expression of the Yindian is first stunned.,Then become a sudden,The essence of the whole person is like being taken away.,It seems that it is a few years old.。
Pregnant things can’t hit people,After a few months, the stomach is big.,Will wear。
No matter what,Upperian is never owed by oneself。
A Shiza Tuz low:“I am so big.,Didn’t say anyone。Alone is you,Always I am sorry for you。”
“Gao Baoyi child,right?”
The Yindian face asked a self-deprecating smile。This matter is not difficult to guess,As long as it is speculated that the time pregnant is very easy to guess,At that time, A Shizuz was in Qi.,I am very consistent with Gao Bo Yi.。
“Men on the grassland,It is estimated that you can’t see it.。If you really get together,Probably you will not come to Zhou Guo。
I also think,If you don’t take off your clothes, let Gao Bo Yi play,I want to come to escape the cage.,Right?That guy is not a good man,Always don’t see the rabbit, no eagle。”
Yushen, Winnan,Speak so vulgar,It can be seen that he is not angry now.,But the heart is more difficult,It has not been suppressed。
“Correct,I am a lower,In order to return to the grassland,I am selling my body to serve Gao Boyi.,Let him play a whole month!It’s my active,So you are satisfied?!”
Amina Yuz mood collapsed,Emperor,Subsequently, no longer talk。
A whole month!