“What do you mean?Don’t want to go?”Zhao Hong deliberately asked with a straight face。

Xia Jian said nothing,Began to undress。Zhao Hong has a look,I quickly closed the door,And then turned off the lights in the house,There was a heavy breath of men and women,The two are already rolling together。
Early next morning,Xia Jian quietly returned to his home,Sun Yuejuan knows that her son left earlier,So get up early to make breakfast。Actually less than 7:30,Xia Jian has finished breakfast。
When he came to the entrance of the village to wait for the bus,The people who should work in the village have already left。Looking at the new Xiping Village,Xia Jian’s heart is really mixed。Thinking of poverty back then,He couldn’t help shook his head。
The Black Run quietly stopped behind Xia Jian,Guo Meili put down the car window,Speak softly:“President Xia!What do you think?We should go”
Xia Jian just recovered,He hurriedly pulled the car door and got in。Xi Zhen turned the car around,Hurried to Qingshan County。Several people were talking along the way,I don’t think I’m in Qingshan County。
Xi Zhen took Xia Jian straight to the Beicheng District Development Zone, Qingshan County。Standing in the office of the project department,Guo Meili opened the window in the room,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia!Come and see,Here you can see our entire project”
“Ah!Good idea!It turns out that this is the highest point in Beicheng District”Xia Jian said and walked over。Through the window,A busy scene outside,I saw all kinds of large machines roaring constantly,There is also an earth-moving truck following each other。Xia Jian felt calm when she saw this scene。
Guo Meili walked to Xia Jian,Speak softly:“The issue of demolition in Nancheng District has not yet been resolved,Let alone start construction,I heard that their boss died in a hurry”
“Humph!I want this effect。The more anxious they are,The better we are,When our real estate is on sale,They just started,Think about the situation,Will we be happy?“
Guo Meili nodded,Then whispered to Xia Jian:“President Wang is sick,She recuperates at home,How about this!You go see her later,As for the other shareholders,I will entertain them at noon,Explain your situation to everyone“Guo Meili is really smart,Her arrangement,Makes Xia Jian feel particularly comfortable。
Xi Zhen sent Xia Jian to Wang Yihua’s villa,Drove away。Xia Jian held a fruit basket in his hand and knocked on the closed iron door。
The one who opened the door was Wang Yihua’s nanny,She saw Xia Jian,Busy giving Xia Jian to the house,Then smiled and said:“President Xia is here,Mr. Wang has been sick for a few days,You have to persuade her to go to the hospital“
“Ok!You get busy!“Xia Jian said,Then gently pushed open the door of Wang Yihua’s bedroom。
The light in the cozy bedroom is a bit dim,I saw the curtains all down,Simmons bed,Wang Yihua leaned against the bed in a silky satin pajamas,The quilt only covers below the waist。
Hear the door closing,Wang Yihua opened her eyes slightly,She saw Xia Jian was here,Can’t help but refresh,Struggled to sit up。