Because those few are actually raw faces,They are not the people who ambushed before the Bao family。

“Who are you?”Bao Lao Chuan Wang knows his failure,But still unwilling to shout。
“They are not yours,Naturally his person!”Among the crowd,Suddenly a lazy voice replied。
The crowd separates again,Revealed the true face of the person who spoke。
That’s a middle-aged fat man,One laughs harmlessly,But his name can stop the big fat man crying at night in the Golden Triangle area。
Seeing Liu Niu’er finally appeared,Lu Menglin’s face is unabashedly ugly。
“you,you are?”Old Ship King Bao looked at this fat man,Suddenly thought of someone,Face change,Terrified。
“Correct!You guessed it!I am the person you guessed。The gunmen you ambush outside have been resolved。By the way,Nice clothes,Very handsome。So my brothers borrowed it to wear,Won’t pay it back。”Liu Niu’er with a smile,When talking,The fat face is constantly shaking。
“you,you guys!”Bao Lao Chuan Wang’s face is like ashes,Especially looking at the shrinking Bao children around,My heart is extremely sad。
Bao Shi,Except for myself and Bao Yuqing,No one can stand up。
Liu Niuer no longer cares about the old ship king,But strode to Lu Meng,Bow and hold fist:“Lord please forgive sins!Be late。”
Lu Menglin just glanced at him lightly,Did not answer。
Of course he knows,It’s not suitable to talk about loyalty with this big warlord from the Golden Triangle,But based on the combination of the interests of both parties,I can only stay strong,The other side will keep obeying。
It’s like facing the spiritual master Sommeron,Liu Niu’er didn’t stand up,No one knows when he arrived,And Lu Menglin can’t ask him to bring someone out to die。