If it wasn’t for Qin Feng,Wang Mengmeng won’t leave the East City。

Dongcheng and Li City are separated by a river。The Wang Group is the most famous group company in Licheng。Even the influence of this group radiates directly to several surrounding cities。
Because Wang Mengmeng’s university is in Dongcheng,So even if Wang Mengmeng ran away from home, he would only choose Dongcheng。
And after listening to Wang Mengmeng’s brief introduction,Qin Feng felt that Wang Mengmeng’s father might have known where Wang Mengmeng lived.,Just pretending not to find,Let my daughter live outside for a while。
Maybe he has his own deep meaning in doing this.。After all, if Qin Feng encounters any troubles to deal with,,I also hope the people I care about hide first,So even if something happens, I won’t be overly distracted!
“Poor parents in the world!”Qin Feng couldn’t help feeling。
“Brother Qin Feng,Are we really going to the Wang Group to find my dad??”Wang Mengmeng was sitting on the taxi and said arrogantly。
But when I think I haven’t seen my father for half a year,In fact, I feel a little uncomfortable。Sometimes she will ask herself,Does my father really care about her?!
This kind of entangled and contradictory psychology Wang Mengmeng does not understand it very well.,So many times she would choose not to think about it,This kind of evasion method may make her feel better.?
Wang Group Headquarters,Wang Ziliang looked at the file in front of him with an annoyed look。
Such days have been going on for a long time,He feels very uncomfortable。
Speaking of,Their Wang Group is naturally the absolute leader in Lishi,But in Jiangbei Province, their status is not that high。of course,Even in Jiangbei Province,Wang’s is also one of the outstanding group companies。
The issue is,Naturally, there is still some gap with the carrying handle Shenglong Group。At least the market value of the other party’s company is several times theirs。
Originally,Trends according to the size of the company,Even if Shenglong Group develops better than them,But Shenglong Group did not have the ability to annex them。Because it is impossible to develop healthily。Even a careless person will hold himself to death。
It’s just that the Shenglong Group has gone crazy for some reason in the past six months,Actually has been targeting them Wang Group。
At that time, many elites in the industry were not optimistic about Shenglong Group,I think Sheng Long has too much appetite。