Xiao Fan understood it this time,Lin Yoona really wants him to help him in the past,It seems that just now,I heard it right。

“what?Oh!Good good!I am here!”Xiao Fan finished,So I used an extremely fast speed to come to Lin Yoona’s office chair.。
“what happened to you?”Because Xiao Fan is not sure,Why does Lin Yoona want to help her by herself?,so,He also dare not do it casually。
The way Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona,It can be said to be full of worry。
Seeing Xiao Fan’s worried face,The dissatisfaction in Lin Yoona just now disappeared in an instant。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yun’er and disappeared like this,I was also relieved。
“My waist seems to be twisted!”Lin Yuner can’t bear to see Xiao Fan continue to bear this nameless worry,I can’t bear it for a while,Just talk to Xiao Fan。
“what?how could be?Why did you twist your waist suddenly?!”Xiao Fan said worriedly,Stretch out your hands,Slowly helped Lin Yoona,Because I’m not sure where Lin Yoona has twisted her waist,so,Although watching Lin Yoona walks hard,,but,He still didn’t dare to hug Lin Yoona easily and walk to the sofa。
“I do not know either,It seems to be when I was stretching my waist just now,Waist twisted。”Lin Yuner said with a guilty conscience。
and,nowadays,Lin Yoona felt that her heart was not only guilty,I felt even more embarrassed,What’s all this?,Stretch yourself,I can twist my waist,It’s really embarrassing to say it out。
so,When she said that to Xiao Fan,I can say that my heart is very unassuming。
but,I’m back,Grow up so much,I have never twisted my waist just because I stretched my waist.,But today she just twisted her waist because of stretching,Isn’t it because Xiao Fan is here??
It’s all because when I stretched my waist just now,Did not notice his presence,Later when I stretched my waist halfway,Suddenly found out that there are other people in my office,so,For her,It’s really because I didn’t mention it just now,so,She twisted her waist。
“Blame you,If not you,Where would I twist my waist。”Lin Yuner was helped by Xiao Fan and walked towards the lounge,While staring at Xiao Fan fiercely, he said to him dissatisfied。