“Your wife must be very beautiful, right?”Su Xiaoli is a little uncomfortable。

“Ok,No one can compare her in my heart。”Wu Xing said heavily。
“Your husband and wife must be in love。”Su Xiaoli who heard Wu Xing’s words again has no hope。
“you can say so。”Think of my daughter-in-law,Wu Xing’s face is rarely happy。
Come to super seminary,The only thing he is fortunate is that he traveled to 30,000 years ago,Meet Keisha, the love of life。
If not personally,If not for so many years,Just watch this national comic,You don’t know a woman,Carrying the destiny of the family,How much pressure。
Just because I know,So he loves his wife very much,Like in the angel’s oath,I am willing to be her guardian angel,Love what she loves,Think what she thinks,Bear the pain for her,Survive the suffering。Whether poor or rich,Humble or noble;No matter in troubled times,Or ignored by God。I will fight for her,Put her wings away。Never leave,Forever!
Chapter Eleven:Keisha and Hexi
Out of the snack bar,Wu Xing casually walked on the street,Thinking of Su Xiaoli’s unwilling expression,He is a little helpless,Charm is too high,Is also a headache。
But then again,Genetically modified super life form,Handsome guy,Pretty girl,Don’t you see the angels and the Xiongbinglian soldiers are not bad。
Thinking about coming to human society,Mobile phone is a necessity,Plus, I promised Su Xiaoli to increase her prestige,Wu Xing is about to enter the store,Seem to feel,Suddenly stopped and looked up at the sky。
“That is Yan?This is really fast。”Watching the fireball piercing the sky,Wu Xing was slightly surprised。
Time and Space Worm Bridge only opened yesterday,Yan is here today,It really fits the style of a daughter-in-law。