Jiang Jinghong blinked immediately,Squinted at him and smiled。

The Zhu Kun who was stunned, Zhu Shao was taken aback,He didn’t expect Jiang Jinghong to be the captain,I can’t even think of the guy who looks like a high school student,Dare to refute yourself in public。
“Hey,Who are you?”Zhu Kun shouted。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“My name is Lu Menglin,Captain of Team Menglin。”
Everyone listens,All understand。
The opposite team is called Menglin team,This young man’s name is Lu Menglin,This team is not his, hell!
Zhu Kun stared,Suddenly turned to Jiang Jinghong and said:“Hong Xiaomei,You come to me,I give you the position of captain!”
This remark,Everyone present has the illusion of being messy in the wind。
Where did this young master Zhu come to form a team to fight?!He clearly came to pick up girls,Even the captain’s position was let out without blinking。
Jiang Jinghong was also shocked,The expression on the face is extremely rich,Had to shake his head and smiled:“That’s different。”
“What’s the difference。Our three teams merge,You come to be the captain,You decide,I’ll help you。The matter is resolved smoothly!”
It seems that Master Zhu’s brain circuit is very strange,It’s really different from ordinary bullying,I can’t deal with him in a normal way at all,No wonder Jiang Jinghong has such a headache!