Yoga: the beauty of women

Yoga: the beauty of women

Introduction: The woman has more ambitions in Jindong: look at her face, glance at the winter clothes piled up in the closet, and leave herself with the “harsh” eyes.

The best cosmetic moisturizer, the most effective way to shape the body.

Therefore, this ambition due to seasonal changes has almost become the mind of women around the world.

  Yoga finally stood out and made these beautiful things for women.

  Kineticians tell us: “Yoga is very effective in shaping the body, balancing the body, and burning.

“For decades, the popularity of yoga in Europe and the United States also illustrates this point.

A professor at a university in the United States said: I took yoga classes twice a week for two consecutive months. As a result, my physical strength, endurance, softness, and breathing condition improved significantly.

This is because of muscle contraction and other actions in yoga, because yoga can effectively burn the body’s aunt.

  The following is a complete set of “Yoga Bodybuilding Exercises” tailored by the famous American yoga teacher Suzanne Deason for Chinese readers.

  Pre-exercise instructions: This classic set of yoga exercises will be practiced 4 times in the first week for 20 minutes each time. Its role is to enhance physical strength; then, it will be performed in conjunction with auxiliary exercises (see the tips below for specific methods)For 2 weeks, 3 times a week for 40 minutes each time, it can burn adults and enhance cardiopulmonary function; finally, still practice for 2 weeks, 3 times a week for 40 minutes each time, but pay special attention to your diet and keep calmMood (see the tips below for specific methods).

  Practice rules: Minimize each exercise and breathe deeply through your nose.

Follow the instructions in the order.

After the exercise is completed, lie flat on the mat with your face up, shrink your limbs, palms up, and slowly adjust your breathing until it is even.

  In the first quarter, stand upright, take a big step forward with your right leg, turn your left foot 45 ゜, lift your right leg, your right knee and your right toenails on a line, and your right thigh parallel to the ground.

Keep your body in a modest sense of tension and lift, with your arms extended to your shoulders.

Stare at the tip of your right hand while breathing deeply.

Hold this position for a while, then change your leg and repeat several times.

  Correct parts: chest, thighs, calves, arms and head are specially shaped: enhance hip and buttock muscles, enhance flexibility, and open head.

  Section 2A: Stand straight, take a big step forward with your left foot, press your left leg down, point your right foot forward, place your feet flat on the ground, and put your hands together on your chest.

Press your hips so that the left thigh and the ground are in a parallel line. Pay attention to balance and keep your posture for a while.

  B: Then, lean your body to the right, twist your waist, turn your face so that the back of your right upper arm rests on the left side, your left arm is tilted outwards, your palms must be tight, and your muscles must be tight.

Hold on for a while, then switch to right leg and repeat A, B to minimize shaking.

  Targeted areas: chest, thigh, calf, chest, lumbar muscles.

  Special shaping: Effectively enhance the balance ability, make the muscles on the big and small legs even, and tighten the hips.

  Section 3 Sit down, straighten your two legs forward, bend your feet, hold your body with your palms, and pull your body in a straight line.

Work hard to raise the stairs while straightening your arms and placing your feet against the ground.

Try to reach the ceiling with your knees, feel your legs and hips are very tight, keep this posture, and breathe deeply.

  Targeted areas: thigh extension, chest, calf, arm, waist special shape: This action can effectively tighten the thigh muscles.

When doing this, you can imagine your body like a long, straight stick.

  Verse 4 sat on the floor with both legs straight.

Bend your right leg and tighten it towards your hips as much as possible, so that your right foot is stepped close to the base of your left leg, and your body is a little side.

With your right hand around your right knee, try to grab your left hand behind you. At this time, use the power of your abdomen and waist and breathe deeply.

Try to keep your body straight and not bent.

After holding for a while, change to the other side.

  Targeted areas: entire hips, hamstrings, abdomen, waist.

  Special shape: Turn your arms behind and let your hands be stretched, which is very good for training the pectoral muscles.

In this movement, pay special attention to the abdomen to be hard, not to relax.

  Section 5A: Lie flat on the ground, stretch straight, at the same height as your shoulders, palms down, legs straight up.   B: Keeping the head, arms, and upper half of the back without leaving the cushion, slowly raise your legs, and then try to turn your body to align for a long time, then slowly exhale and slowly lower your legsStill keep your body stable on the mat.

When the breathing is steady, then practice backwards to another option.

  Targeted areas: abdomen, waist, chest, and back. Special emphasis: in the process, tighten the abdomen at any time, borrow the strength of the arms, and never deceive yourself.