Fitness Featured Package: 10 minutes of effortless fitness

Fitness Featured Package: 10 minutes of effortless fitness

First warm up for 1 minute. Take a break between each set of exercises. Exercise at the end of all exercises and calm down. For beginners: 15 to 30 seconds for each group of exercises. For intermediate and advanced practitioners: each group of exercises.More than 1 minute.


The one-leg squat exercise stands with the dumbbells in front, and uses the lower half of the hips to hold the fitness ball on the wooden board.

Lift your left foot off the ground and hold it while flexing your right knee to a squatting position.

Then restart the heel and start again.

If you don’t have an exercise ball, don’t use dumbbells.

(You may need to lean on a chair to keep balance.


Push-ups on your side, lie down, hold your palms and toes, support your abdomen, and straighten your back.

After using a piece of support, put the body’s center of gravity to the left hand side, raise the right arm to point to the ceiling, and press down on the left arm.

Then lower the right arm to recover, support the baseline, and lift the left arm again.

Repeat this from left to right.


Lung forward kicking step forward to take a lunge posture, abdomen, straight upper body.

Then quickly lift it up, raise your back leg and kick forward.

Immediately after kicking, make a lunge and then kick.

Repeat this process from side to side.


Squat your chest and squeeze your hands to hold a fitness ball (or another ball), with your feet apart and shoulder width.

Squeeze the ball with both hands, while squatting, you must keep behind your toes.

Continue squeezing the ball, stand up, pull the ball to your chest, and keep the ball under pressure.


Bend over with one leg and take a fitness ball with both hands, extend one foot, extend the foot to bend slightly, and lift the other foot off the ground.

Close your abdomen, keep your hips straight, and bend your upper body, and lower the ball until your footwell feels rigid.

Raise your waist, and do it a second time, do one more time on the same foot and then change the other foot to protrude.


Bend and squeeze the shoulders to correct the movement, lean your upper body forward to parallel to the ground, and keep your abdomen and back flat.

Raise your arms to your shoulders with your thumbs pointing to the ceiling.

Keep your thumb up and squeeze the scapula inward.

Repeat for a specified period of time.


Sitting down on the chair with your legs down, with your hands on your thighs.

Keep relaxing forward, bend your elbows, and lean your body up to 90 degrees, then straighten your right leg forward.

Then resume the right leg and straight up.

This is repeated from left to right within the prescribed ends.


Squat exercise with feet wider than shoulders, hands on thighs.

Raise your toes, bend, tilt, and press, keeping them aligned with your toes, and then straighten up.
Pay attention to squatting and closing as quickly as possible.

Before squatting, send a sports hand holding a fitness ball (dumbbells also work), lean your upper body forward, abdomen, straight hips, and bend slightly.

Pull the ball to the belly button and contract the hip muscles.

Stand up with the ball, then quickly squat, while aligning the ball with your shoulders.


Lie down on the ground, shrink and bend, put your back on the ground, place the solid ball on your chest.

Shrink your abdomen and do a sit-up with the ball to lift your shoulders off the ground.

After lying down, throw the ball straight up a few inches in front of your chest, carefully throw the ball and make sure you can catch it.

If you are uncomfortable with throwing the ball, this swap can be skipped without throwing.