Jiangxi Nanchang: The construction of the people’s livelihood project is busy

People’s Daily Online, Nanchang, April 29th (rain) On the 29th, the fifth phase of the Ganjiang Citizen Park in Honggu Beach District, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province was loud, and large -scale machinery such as excavators and bulldozers was operating. According to the introduction of Nanchang Honggutan City Investment, the construction unit overcomes the impact of the epidemic and seize time construction. Soon after, this wasteland will become a good place for citizens to leisure. It is reported that the fifth phase of the Ganjiang Citizen Park in Fenghuangzhou District, Honggutan District is a key people’s livelihood project and a benefit project, covering an area of ??about 680 acres. According to the plan, most of the areas are landscape forest land, with lawn, film planting rural landscape forest and casual tract as landscape axis, and characteristic of flower forests, fruit forests, and color leaf forests. Line, create a riverside ecological scene and urban leisure land, add color to the outline of the city.

Among them, a small amount of construction land will be arranged in accordance with the standards of sports parks, and public facilities such as parking lots will be supported to provide the masses with higher quality activity space. (Responsible editor: Qiu Yan, Shuai Yan) Share let more people see it.