Gaoyuan’s greenhouse ancient bathroom is called greenhouse,Gao Buli in the bath,The eyes are gradually adapted to the darkness。

Yesterday, Lean Princess actually wants to return to himself.,I will give it to seek,Reviating the spring dream of the day,Not a problem。However, he refused.。
Because he doesn’t want to make it again。People can’t be chased,The deceased can not resurrect,But living person,Can also live well。
I didn’t expect the second day, I gave him a big joke.。
“No wonder the emperor’s high-risk occupation,There are so many people to work,It’s because this profession is too cool.,Can dominate the life and death of others。”
Today, Gao Bao’s body will come to what is called a companion.。
“Alang,May I come inside?”
The sound of Li Shini in the dark,Her people have come in。
After a few seconds,People have entered the pool.。
“For several years,In fact, you have no change at all.。”
Head pillow in the edge of the pool,Gao Bao said lazily。
“You don’t say that if a man protects a woman well?,So, she can always be big.。”
Li Shi Tan put the head on the shoulders of Gao Baoyi,Two people blind。
“tonight,Higher Yang let me sleep Yuan Zhonghua,You will not be angry?”
Gao Baoyi asked。
“It’s not angry.,Just worry that you have to have a bad year.。”
Li Mu Tan is worried。
What virtue in a high ocean?,She certainly knows,He wants you to do something,Can you resist??You go to tell such people?
Yuan Zhonghua’s identity,Just like a nuclear bomb,Dedicated, it is enough to fry Gao Bao!
This is also one of the Ho’s wrist。
“I can’t retreat now.,Revenue is dead,Also drag with you。”
Gao Boyi grabs the hand of Li Shinan,In the face。
“look,We are like unlike two salted fish?”
Li Zhin asked with a light smile。
“If we are salty fish,What is the death struggle??”
“It is a worsened salted fish.。”
Listen to Li Tan to say this,Gao Baoyi’s mood suddenly made a lot of。
NS785chapter There is a normal life in the world(middle)
New Year,Yucheng has a horrible major event!
Hoon sent his“Imperial killer”Liu Taozhi,Yu Gaoyang County,I took his nephew Yuan Zhonghua!Then in the Jingde Palace in the Quinthown Palace, they will be raped again.!
Why is it used?“again”These two words?
Because this is a broken country, he has done two years ago.,At that time, I did directly in Gao Cheng’s general.!
Many people have brothers and sisters this year.,There is something called“Brother’s thing”,Especially the brother is excellent,When you have something, when you have something,The younger brother will be embarrassed,I want to occupy in my dreams.。
obviously,Yuan Zhonghua is“Brother’s thing”。
The officials of the city are simply boiling.!Once again,Play again and again,Is it too arrogant??There is a kind of you are directly included in the hometown.!