so“Singing”The system is also the name of the name to enter the palace.,I didn’t care seriously when I met.,After all, the emperor doesn’t like trouble.。

After the high birth,Li Zuyi’s mother and child orphan oligoma,Naturally, it is impossible to be in the etiquette.,Therefore, when it is today“Singing”at the beginning,Yang Wei and Cui Ji Shu are still stunned.。
How long is the last song??
They don’t really remember.,Anyway, I will have a few years.?
But let them loose tone.,Banned search,only“mean”A bit,Just shoot a few times,Let them enter the palace。In Yang Hao,These small details,Some intrinsic tastes。
certainly,It may also just think more of them.,Who knows??
Qi Guo wants to year,Zhou Ruo is still the New Year,But comparing Qi State that is full of households,Zhou Country is a bit not very good this year.,After all, Yu Yu took a big defeater.,Boot to domestic needs time。
Year,I am afraid it is the time of outbreak.。
Chang’an Palace,Royal study,Point charcoal fire,Not too cold。Only the top of the top of the table,It’s hard to see scary。Hiki in front of him,Wen Yuliang,Northern Wei Dynasty,Just follow Yutai Walking South,It is three townships。
Yu Hao successfully,Let him serve as Dacong。
Yutai’s political reform,Imitation Zhou Li,And Zhou Li’s Tianshi has a big government,Auxiliary Tongzai’s palm。
Behind the empty big house,Restored the duties of the big farmers,Imitate Wei Dynasty。
In fact, the big farmers are also evolved by Zhou Li’s official position.,When the Qin Dynasty, he was treated in Suner’s history.,Hanjun,Competent financial,tax,Farming,Extremely powerful!
Han Jingmi changed to make a big agricultural order,Han Wudi is too public in the first year of the year104Annual change。
However, since the Wei Jin,Financial payment is a lot of books、Division、Household book,Submit of the power of the company,The big agriculture has gradually become a financial、Accounting,The main palm country,Division。
to be honest,Liu Mengliang is Zhou Guo’s grain。Year of the year,China’s rules,It is before the New Year,Clear all things all this year。Liu Mengliang just gave it to Yu,Is there how many food in the food harvest and theory of Zhou Country?。
In theory,In fact, only less。
only,this“Report”,Scared Yu Yu!
Because this year’s harvest,Low than last year!
Food in the house this year,It is more than that of last year.。
“Liu Qingjia,You tell you,This year’s grain,Is it not supported next year??”
Cannot be denyed,Some grain,No matter the rich and poor,Will not stay in the house?。But,If there is no food in the official warehouse,That means,National disaster such as arid locusts,No resistance!
It’s not good at break.!
“His Majesty,Drought this year,Food apology,Minachenai can’t change the food。”
Liu Mengliang double hand sleeves。
He has no greedy in a grain.,Also there is no reselling official warehouse,This aspect,Zhou Guo’s strict country is strict,At least be strict than the high ocean。
Yu Yu wants to be dissatisfied,There is no way,Who let him bring a soldier,Consuming a lot of grain,But did not take the land of one inch?
And also lost Yiyang and Hongnong。
Liu Mengliang is a bit not a little about Yu Wei.,Because he is a old minister,And it has always been with Yutai to fight the world.。He feels that Yu Yu is very happy,Don’t say how your eyes,That is to say the means of dealing with government military affairs,It is a big trip to Yutai。
How to make people respect?
In fact, Liu Meiliang is so thinking about it.,Many old people in North Zhou,Suiyi,Schillers, etc.,All are quite a throat。
“So what do you have??Say to hear?”
Yusheng asked Liu Mengliang asked。
actually,What is the attitude towards his attitude towards him?,Yu Yu is not a fool,Of course it is very clear。only,The minister can not change it all day.,Fresh blood is enriched,Not only need time,Need an opportunity!
originally,If this is the Raiders Luoyang success,Can be prepared for all,Executive agency in the new capital,Add new people who pick yourself。