Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine:Battlefield Mammoth,Mystery Squad!

“Yin Geng,Let’s make a bet!”
Hear the words of fuming,Yin Geng was taken aback:“What bet?”
“Bet I can come back from there!”
Pointing to the distance,A shocked look appeared in everyone’s eyes,This guy is crazy!
“OK,What is the bet!”
Yin Geng stood up and looked directly at Fuming。
“If i come back alive,You promise me one condition,I just have to mention this condition,You have to finish!”
Yin Geng frowned。
“rest assured,This condition will not ask you to do something contrary to heaven!”
Fuming smiled slightly,Give it to Yin Geng.
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty:Enter the cave,Warrior hu!
“You humans dare to set foot here,Damn it!”
The battlefield mammoth roared,The huge soles stomped on the ground,The earth began to tremble。
“Follow the plan!”
The leading man’s eyes narrowed,Put away the fun on your face,Become serious instead,In front of me is a battlefield mammoth known as a strong defense!