First1246chapter Drunk lying on the table
I can meet Gao Deju in the pool,Xia Jian is surprised。But what Gao Deju said,Made him even more surprised。
“Xiaoxia!You and Wanting are not the same,I’m just such a daughter,I don’t want her to run around with you all the time,In the end, I get nothing.。I am a layman,She is twenty-eight years old,If I can come out early,I will let her get married early“Gao Deju said very seriously。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“I understand what you mean, auntie,Then I don’t need to see her“
“correct,I’ll tell her clearly if you do,After she comes out,Her heart for you died。Lao Lu and I are getting too old,We really don’t want to fuck her heart anymore“When Gao Deju said this,,Took a long breath。
Xia Jian glanced at Gao Deju,Suddenly people who feel better,There is an old day。When the years turn you into an old man,You will find that everything is empty。
“All right,We talked for a while,I have been here for hours,Have to go back,You just came to play“Gao Deju said,Stood up。
Xia Jian politely sent her to the door,Speak softly:“Aunt Gao walks slowly,Let’s talk again when you have time“
“it is good!Wait for free,Let’s have a few drinks。Of course,What’s difficult?,You can also call me,Maybe I can help you,After all, I have been in Bucheon for so many years“Gao Deju finished,Then turned and left。
Xia Jian returned to the pool,Under the leadership of Lin Wei,Swim several times in the pool。When I stop to rest,Lin smiled and said:“President Xia!Your progress is too fast!Almost overtake me“
“Over you is a must,We should go back two more laps“Xia Jian finished,Plunged into the water。After two laps,Xia Jian really got ashore。
Lin Wei chased up from behind and said:“Or lie down and rest,I’ll give you something to drink?“
“No need to!I still have something tonight,Let’s go back soon!“Xia Jian finished,Turned around and went to the locker room。