Xu Wan trembled all over,Gan Yifan is looking forward and nervous again,On the one hand, all the sandworms are expected to go into the water,He can take Xu Wan and sneak over,On the other hand, I am nervous if all the sandworms are in the water,Those who are underwater have a slimmer chance of survival。

then,Again“pia”,There was also a sandworm falling into the water on the opposite side。
Gan Yifan looked back at Xu Wan,Get up,He wants to slip over。
Xu Wan bites her lower lip tightly,Grabbed his backpack and shook his head desperately,I don’t know if it’s scared or have other concerns。
At this moment,The sandworm in front of you crawled back,The big tail flicked over the heads of the two,Retract into the hole,Started there again“Shake head”。
Then there is the sandworm on the opposite side,Are doing the same thing,Climb back“Shake head”。
Gan Yifan suddenly smiled slightly,Xu Wan was so nervous and inexplicable。
“They probably fell accidentally。”He whispered,Smiled again。
Know you shouldn’t laugh,But Xu Wan couldn’t help but laughed,Stare at him,Squat over,Leaned in and said:“I suspect they are practicing。”
Gan Yifan feels puzzled,Subconsciously looked at the watch,Eight ten。He is used to practicing sooner or later,The morning practice time is basically around five o’clock,Then eight……What’s the special meaning?
He doesn’t understand。
“I can feel the aura now stronger than before we left the cave。”Xu Wan said softly。