209 Can’t make her cheaper

Zhu Yi wants to escape quickly,You have to change the company’s legal person to Zhang Siwei,If you are still in the father’s name,Even if my father is discharged,I’m afraid I will be threatened by that stinky woman,Endless troubles。
And Mr. Zhu is still lying in the hospital,Can’t be there in person,So the change procedures are much more complicated than normal procedures,Very not easy,Need a lot of various certificates and documents,Zhu Yi and Zhang Siwei ran for several days,Only successful。
Fang Na’s side,I kept asking Wang San to quickly ask Zhu Yi for money,Zhu Yi didn’t say no to,Keep saying let them wait,Procrastinate,Just refused to meet Wang San。
Everything is done,Zhu Yi went to the ward to see his father,Turn around and say to Zhao Gang and Zhang Siwei,“I have to go,Two,My dad will take care of you,Kindness without saying thanks。”
Zhang Siwei’s eyes are red,A partner who grew up together,How come it is like today,She patted Zhu Yi on the shoulder,“Nothing,We must take care of Uncle Zhu。”
Zhao Gang urged,“Long night dreams,Hurry up,We send you。”
Zhu Yi nodded,“it is good。”
At the railway station platform,Zhao Gang promised Zhu Yi,“Do not worry,Your dad is my dad。”
“I don’t know if he can live and wait for me to come back。”Zhu Yi’s tears suddenly burst。
“This is no way,As long as you are well,Uncle Zhu comforted,Can live a few more years,Remember me and Zhao Gang’s phone numbers,We don’t change numbers in this life,Just waiting for you to come back to find us。”Zhang Siwei said。
Zhao Gang handed Zhu Yi a bank card,“There is a million in it,is my name,Password is your birthday,You’ll be anonymous from now on,Do not contact us in the short term。”
Zhu Yi nodded,Put the card away,“If the family members of the deceased come here,To lose money,You help me pad,Say sorry for me。”
“it is good,we know,rest assured,Follow。”Zhang Siwei nodded。