“correct,Xu Ling、Zhong Liying,You two get ready,Wait for Jiang Qizhi to get it done,You are ready to participate in the draft debut。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。

“So fast?”Xu Ling muttered a few words on the surface,But in my eyes there is a look。
Zhong Liying rounded those big eyes,An expression of disbelief,Shouted:“Really going to debut?Boss Lu,I’ll rely on you from now on!Haha!My lady is finally making her debut!Diva,I will be a queen!”
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“Yes indeed!About to debut。You two took the time to sign the contract to me,In addition to the endorsement of the Three Kingdoms Kill,I also signed my game endorsement。My game is three professions,Mage、Warrior and Taoist,You two will speak for the female wizard and the male Taoist priest!”
“It seems that there is still a lack of a fighter endorsement,Why don’t you come, Brother Nan?You are so handsome,It’s a pity not to debut!”Lu Menglin looked at Chen Jiannan,Said with a smile。
This smile,Chen Jiannan waved his hand quickly,Decline:“No way!I can’t!I am a gangster,I can’t sing or dance!”
Lu Menglin looked at Chen Jiannan carefully,Hehe smiled:“Nange,You really fit,No need to sing no need to dance,You can make a movie!”
“I?filming?Really?”Chen Jiannan was dumbfounded by boss Lu,Muttered。
“Wait for Jiang Qizhi’s draft activity to officially start,You two sign up for the draft first,After entering the top ten in Guangdong,I’ll arrange to shoot magazine covers and TV commercials。”Lu Menglin smiled at Zhong Liying and Xu Ling。
“Great!thank you boss!”Zhong Liying rushed forward with excitement,Posing to embrace Lu Menglin。
“Receive!Stop!We are a serious entertainment company,Do not engage in unspoken rules!”Lu Menglin quickly put his hands together。
“Correct,Correct,Can’t engage in unspoken rules。”Chen Jiannan next to him is still in a trance,Muttered。
The more Lu Menglin looked, the more he felt that Chen Jiannan really looked like a person,Or from birth to temperament,He is very similar to the Guletian Guzai from the Hong Kong entertainment circle。
From the same rivers and lakes,The same heroic and handsome,The breath of the prodigal son!
Yangchun March,Spring flowers bloom。
Green branches everywhere,Full of vitality。
From years to now,Spread in the factory,It is said that Lu Youshan’s son made a large foreign investment for the factory,To transform the factory into a tourism industry,The whole area must be redeveloped。
If this news is true,Then Liufang is like2000Like spring,It will be possible to rejuvenate,Create another glory。