One of Joshua’s face suddenly turned into bitter gourd,YesbossAngry into anger,Can’t find Bieber that bastard,Vent your anger on yourself??

But Chen Geng’s next sentence,Make him smile suddenly:“Every time you wash a car20USD。”
Joshua immediately went away smiling,according tobossPreviously formulated requirements for vehicle cleaning,I can wash at least three cars a day,That is60USD,One month is before tax1800USD,Is more than double my current income,Go to the car wash,Fools don’t wash。
Chen Geng“Angry”Went to the office,Don’t forget to slam the door hard when you enter the door,Joshua was frightened:bossIs really angry。
Is Chen Geng really angry??
of course not,He is worried about being seen,Go alone and have fun——I’m so happy,Bieber, the idiot who wants to cheat himself,To give myself such a big benefit。
usually,Automobiles, mass-produced industrial products, are becoming less and less valuable over time,But this situation only applies to mass-produced ordinary cars,There are always exceptions,Some cars will not only depreciate drastically over time,It will add value。
Usually these value-added cars come from Rolls Royce、From Ferrari、From Bentley,In short, they are all ages、Sparsely produced models,And this onecontinental Mark 2It is one of the few American car products that can add value over time。
First5chapter I need to25%
continental MARK 2Why this car can add value?
First of all,This model was only produced during the entire production cycle3100Vehicles,Very little output,after20Years of use and obsolescence,Very few existing,And the one that Bieber is going to use to pit Chen Geng is still a four-door version。
continental MARK 2There is a fun place,Ford at1956First launched incontinental MARK 2It’s a two-door version,Four-door versioncontinental MARK 2until1988Only launched,Is for top dignitaries、Super rich、Used by superstars、Can make them sit comfortably in the back row、Models that do not need to be driven by yourself,Less total output,Less than200Vehicles,Scarcity in scarcity;
It’s just rare not enough,There are more rare models,youcontinental MARK 2Old man?Why do you appreciate?continental MARK 2Can appreciate,Relying on the meaning of the birth of this model:Ford Motor’s original purpose of designing and producing this car,Is to enhance Ford’s brand image and value。
to achieve this goal,Ford is truly at no cost,Not only all parts are hand-made by the best craftsmen selected by Ford,The whole car needs three assembly and disassembly,The purpose is to make the vehicle achieve the most perfect match。
In power,Ford even took out its own housekeeper:A displacement of up to6Rise、Maximum power289horsepower、Maximum torque545Cattle·RiceV8engine,This engine not only represents Ford’s highest attainments in engines,It was also the most technologically advanced civilian gasoline engine in the world at that time,Ford is also extremely“luxury”Equipped this car with a three-speed automatic transmission representing the top level at the time。