Didn’t care about these little things,Populus euphratica’s treasure hunting eye falls on a chic box。

“Then buy a box!”Hu Yang scanned the payment code with his phone,Pay twenty yuan,Then pick up the box of ink pad。
The stall owner smiled,I like this kind of face-saving tourists。Some tourists,Even if you don’t like an item,But others sell,Sorry for not plucking,Will pay for a little。In his opinion,Populus is undoubtedly that kind of person。After all, if you really want to buy,At least you have to open it and take a look?
This kind of tourist,If you travel with a group,Some bad tour guides can eat the other party’s bones。
“Guys go slowly,see you next time。”
If he knew,That box of inkpad is a treasure,May not laugh。
when it is time to leave,Fitch also glanced sympathetically at the stall owner,Sure enough, not knowing is the real blessing!
After walking far,Populus just opened the ink pad,Slightly surprised!
“It’s actually a box of sirloin ink pad。”What he just saw,Not inkpad,But a box of inkpad。But open it,Found that inkpad is also a good thing。
“Is Sireng ink famous??”Fitch asked。
He only knows his Zhangzhou Eight Treasure Ink Pad。
Hu Yang told them:“There are three most famous places for making inkpad in the Qing Dynasty:Lihuazhai in Zhangzhou、Rongbaozhai,There is also Xiling Yinshe in Hangzhou。
If you just talk about fame,Serang ink pad may not be as good as eight treasure ink pad,But when it comes to the price of top inkpad,Celeng inkpad may be even better,Really as expensive as gold。”