Actually it’s not strange。

Because from the user’s point of view,I pointed out that my monthly car loan has actually decreased,Before, I had to pay back two or three hundred dollars in car loans every month,Sell the car to a used car dealer、After choosing long-term rental,The amount of car loan to be repaid every month becomes only a few dozen dollars,It is equivalent to one or two hundred dollars in extra disposable income every month……For Americans in this era,Nothing is more important than disposable income。
You said the property rights of this car are no longer owned by me?
I can’t manage things after two years,If I can’t get through the difficulties before me,Do things make sense in two years??Always live the moment,Talk about the future,And Fernandez’s long-term used car rental business,It just happened to provide myself with more disposable funds in disguise。
When Chen Geng went to his second-hand car sales company,What I saw is such a scene:Crowded、Gongs and drums、Firecrackers……Cough,These two behind,But the front“Crowded”It’s really not an exaggeration,people,It’s too much,There are so many rubbing shoulders。
So Chen Geng couldn’t help but ask Aniston in surprise:“How come so many people?These people are here to buy used cars?”
“Yes,They are all here to buy used cars。”
“Always like this?”
Aniston nodded:“This situation has been over a week,Our company has been like this every day in the past week or so,According to the feedback from our self-operated outlets and cooperative outlets,The situation is similar,Those students who come to wash the car part-time are all tired,Asking for a salary increase。”
Aniston took it as a joke to tell his boss,But when Chen Geng heard this, his heart moved,Did not go to the used car hall,But turned around and walked over to the car wash center。