Potbellied man drinking winter melon soup

Potbellied man drinking winter melon soup

Why do some people get fat when they drink water?

This is caused by different constitutions.

In fact, only those who have less weight have a peaceful constitution, that is, an unbiased normal constitution, and most people have a certain constitutional bias.

  Therefore, in the summer of health, you must find out your physical characteristics, and aim at some, in order to achieve the ideal conditioning effect, otherwise it will only be counterproductive.

  Phlegm and wet quality: “Big belly” drink winter melon soup Features: Big belly, stools, snoring sounds at night, shining on weekdays, bright brain, sweat easily, and more sticky.

Prone to chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

  Health Recommendation: Winter Melon Soup.

  Winter melon has diuretic and expectorant effects, and regular summer food can clear heat and detoxify.

People with wet phlegm constitution must control sweets and greasy foods.