Brown sugar, red dates, longan and blood circulation


Brown sugar, red dates, longan and blood circulation

Activating blood and healthy blood brown sugar: The refining degree is not high, sucrose replaces about 90%, it is darker due to many impurities, but it has minerals and organic matter, especially 49 per 100g of iron.

2mg, potassium 453mg and calcium 464mg are more abundant. There is a lot of research on brown sugar in Japan. It is believed that the decomposition rate of brown sugar is only half that of white sugar, and it can help improve vitality, eliminate tension, and lower blood pressure and blood trace.

And Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm, can stasis fluid, disperse cold and promote blood circulation, warm the stomach and strengthen the spleen, and has the effect of relieving pain.


Brown sugar water can replenish energy, so it is suitable for women with excessive postpartum blood loss and physical exertion. It can also help uterine contraction, recovery, lochia excretion, and milk secretion, but it can only take effect 7-10 days after delivery.


You can drink brown sugar water boiled with ginger during menstruation or cold, to help blood circulation, reduce menstrual pain and prevent colds.


The special flavor of brown sugar is very suitable for cooking red bean soup (the best combination of nourishing blood), red bean paste or steamed rice cake, hair cake, etc. In addition, it can also be added to it, such as beef stir-fried burdock, brown sugar smoked white wonton and so on.

  Jujube: supplements blood, improves insomnia, protects the heart, and enhances physical strength. It is recorded in the Chinese herbal book “Book of Classics” that red dates are sweet and warm, returning to the spleen and stomach, and have the functions of tonifying qi, nourishing blood, soothe the nerves, and relieve the medicinal properties;Pharmacology has found that red dates contain a variety of amino acids such as protein, trace amounts, sugars, organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, and trace calcium.

  The best choice for red dates is thin skin, few wrinkles, small jujube nucleus, strong flavor and sweet taste.

For black jujube, choose large particles, small jujube kernels, and still have sufficient flavor and sweetness. Black jujube is rich in iron, which can treat the anemia and relieve the cold in the body.

  Jujube can be eaten directly, or stewed chicken soup, ribs soup or a few pieces or brown sugar, longan to cook longan tea, or tremella to make red jujube soup.

Drink 1 bowl in the winter to warm your body immediately.

  Longan: blood, treatment of cold hands and feet longan contains a variety of nutrients, has blood and soothe the nerves, brain and puzzle, nourish the heart and spleen.

Studies have found that longan’s inhibition rate of uterine cancer cells is more than 90%, and women’s menopause is a stage in which gynecological tumors are more common. Eating some longan properly is good for health.

Longan has a beneficial effect, and it has an auxiliary effect on those who need to nurse and weak after the illness.

  1, warm tonic: children often have colds, constitution is cold and often wetting, poor memory, drink more longan tea can improve brain power, improve deficiency and cold constitution.

  2. Breast enhancement: Traditional Chinese medicine says that women are the mainstay of blood, and women who eat Guiyuan often look rosy and plump, so many tonics for breast enhancement use longan as a match.

  3. Sleep: Traditional Chinese medicine says that longan has the effect of calming the mind, nourishing blood and spleen, and is very suitable for long-term insomnia.

  4, blood: can improve cardiovascular circulation, stabilize the mental state, relieve stress and tension, longan is rich in glucose, sucrose, protein and a variety of vitamins and trace elements, has a good nourishing effect.

It can be used to treat frail or mental decline after illness, and it is convenient for women to adjust after childbirth.

  5, can be used as a snack in your spare time to relax your mood.