Cooling this weekend is expected to exceed 10 ° C

  Cold air is coming again! This weekend, the Beijing City won the wind and cooling, and the temperature will be expected to fall over 10 ° C.

Although the cold wave is not as good as the last time, the strength is not to be underestimated, and the public should pay attention to keep warm in time.

  Yesterday (18th) in the morning, Beijing was once again upgraded by the big mist, Daxing, Tongzhou, Shunyi, Miyun and other multi-districts to release the fog orange warning signal. Among them, Daxing and Tongzhou fog are the largest, and some visits are less than 100 meters. Guo Jinlan, chief predictor of the city meteorological station, said that in the past two days, the fog is obvious, mainly because the atmosphere is stable, and the ground humidity is relatively large, and the southeastern and Tianjin have a big fog in the southeastern part of Hebei. Under the morning, Dongfeng and weak flow, It also further affects Beijing.

  As of yesterday 17, the air quality in most parts of the city maintained in a level of medium weight pollution. From the perspective, today, this city is affected by the high pressure of Northeast, the ground is partially in the northern wind, and the diffusion conditions have improved. It is expected that the air quality is good to slightly pollute; Saturday, the ground rotation is expected to cause pollution reflow, and the air quality is light. Pollution; on Sunday, the ground is strong in northwest cold and high pressure, and the improvement of diffusion conditions is expected to be excellent in air quality.

  According to the latest weather data analysis, there will be a strong cold air to affect Beijing, and it will bring high wind and strength.

It is expected that Sunday wind is obvious, and you need to pay attention to wind and cold. It is reported that the overall strength of this cold air process is not as good as the winter (November 4 to 9), but it is also strong, from forecast, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Harbin, etc. A total of 18 provincial-level cities and municipalities in municipalities will reach 10 ° C or higher. After this cooling, the chill will last.

In late November, the cold air will open the "unlimited combo" mode, which continues to affect my country, and the temperature in most parts of the Middle East continues to be low. (Reporter Luo Qianwen) (Original title: It is expected to exceed 10 ° C this weekend).