These stocks,The amount is actually not small.。But the damage ratio of paper has been particularly high.,Li Da,Many silver bibs have been damaged.,Changed on white paper。

So they are now barely300Silver armor,The rest are ordinary paper.。Li Da refused to apply,Weekly I didn’t dare to find Gao Bo Yi to go,Because of this。
Autumn time,Mock up Li Da, they are the goddess of the pen, the arms are not a few,But it’s winter,They can’t laugh at all.。
Because only people wearing paper,I am not afraid of cold.!
The rest of the following leather and armor,A battle,Everything is frozen to cool and cool。Zhou is not the first to find Li Da’s paper armor stock,But he is the most polite。
“Wearing a paper,We are the unique elite in the gods.,We are the trust of the high-cost governor.,Is an irreplaceable,understand?
Unless the Dadoison is going to give other troops,Can we give,This must not be committed。”
Li Da said to the chisel。
His deputy will call He Lan Leopard,Some of them are very surprised at this moment, he thinks that they have been very brain.,There is no whit strategy,Can you say such a“Quite philosophical”Words,It is also unimportant.。
Li Da saw that the town left,I smaled a road:“As soon as we listen to the big governor,,What do he want us to do?,What we do?。Hey-hey,That is to catch the Queen, give it back to the warm bed.,That is not!
We are not dealt with other serves.,Only hugged the legs of the big governor,Can better live better,Do you think I still stupid than Tianzi??The higher the position of the Dadohorse,We will mix the better,do you know?”
Li Da is not pleasing。
In fact, we feel as stupid as him.,It’s just that luck is better.。
Li Dazi,Both a bordered head。In fact, there is a problem.,They have always want to ask Li Da。
Gao Biyi is now expensive as King,Gyeonggong。If he is coming back, it is to say?
Can this matter can be discussed?,Although it is very likely that it is!
One time,The parts after Li Da,Feeling that you seem to have a little far with Gao Bao,I can’t get a ship.!
Since ancient times, the dragon is big gambling,Won,Poor-eyed eggs can be rich and rich。Lose,Ronghua is rich in poorly eggs,Can only die at home!
This is too big to be too big.,It can be said that anyone can not ignore this huge risks.。
Just when they continue to patrol,One arrow, Lida chest,Actually didn’t wear paper。
“Ah,What are you doing?!”
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NS1011chapter All the way north(4)
Enemy strike,God-winning military big camp。
The knife shield is holding the Bagron Wooden Shield and rushed out of the big camp.,The bow is tight after it is。A fragrant time is not,The cavalry of the brigade rushed out from Jincheng.,Patrol all over the camp。
However,After a while,Everyone saw a silly inserted arrow in front of Li Da.,Other even ghost shadows have not seen。
Half time,Gao Baoyi face iron blue came to the camp,Holding the cold wind,The belly is like a flame in burning.。
In the later generation,A word“Immune”。It is said that the immune system is trained too well.,So the body encounters a little discomfort,It will react vigorously,Crushing in the human body。