Xia Jian said and waved,Opened the door quickly。At this momentLisaRan over and said with a smile:“Miss asked me to take you back”

Xia Jian smiled slightly,I gave the car key in my handLisa。Then he sat in the passenger cabin by himself。The car just started,Xia Jian closed his eyes。WaitLisaWhen calling him again,Xia Jian discovered,The car has been parked in the underground parking garage,It seems he is really tired。
withLisaAfter separation,Xia Jian took the elevator upstairs。When he walked into the office,Only Lin Wei is back,The other people have no shadows yet。
“President Xia is back?”
Lin Weiying came here,I quickly took over the small bag Xia Jian was holding。
Xia Jian yawned and said:“I’m going upstairs to rest for a while,Nothing particularly urgent,Don’t bother me”
Lin Wei follows Xia Jian,Promised softly。She used to be Xia Jian’s secretary,It’s just a little thing in the middle,Made Lin Wei see Xia Jian now,I feel so embarrassed。But Xia Jian has already proposed,Let Lin Wei continue to be his secretary。This is a kind of trust,This matter made Lin Wei grateful to Xia Jian。
Once back upstairs,Xia Jian really entered the bedroom,He took off his coat,Then fell on the bed and fell asleep。The beauty of this sleep,When he opened his eyes, the room was dark。
He turned over and sat up,Then reached out and turned on the light in the room。A look at the wall clock on the wall,It turns out it’s seven o’clock in the evening,No wonder it’s dark in the room like this。
Xia Jian yawned comfortably,I walked out of the bedroom。Living room,Jin Yimei and Wang Lin are both here,They seem to be discussing something。
“Wake up now!Then come over,We will report to you”
Wang Lin saw Xia Jian got up,She smiled and said to him。