“okay,I don’t want to listen to these past。”The teenager waved his hands again and again,He has all the memories of the Holy Spirit,He knows the cause and effect before,It’s impossible to listen to this nonsense,“If you still have the truth in your mouth,So tell me about your world。”

“My world,Nothing to say,Too far,Too complicated。”
“It doesn’t matter,Just talk about its complexity。”
Chapter one hundred and sixty one Very capable
The expression with big eyes suddenly became weird,Unbelievable,Obviously a forbidding eyeball,Can actually show expressions very similar to humans,It often makes it difficult for teenagers to adapt。
“Don’t know where to start,What do you want to hear?”
“whatever。”The boy sighed and said,“How far is your world from here?How is life there different from people in our free world?Can we go see there?”
Big eyes dangled left and right,It seems difficult to organize proper language to describe,“Is distance a very complicated thing,It’s simple, you can’t understand,Talk too much,I’m afraid it gets more complicated,Give a simple example,Can the creatures in your free world return to the era of the ancestor mainland??If yes,Then the price of going back is a kind of distance。”
The boy’s eyes widened,There seems to be something vague in my heart that has been pierced instantly,Distance can also be such an explanation,At first it sounds beyond the usual common understanding,But I think it’s really possible,He knows very little about this,And the concept is vague,But combined with the memory of the Holy Spirit, it becomes clear。
That’s a length across the age,This distance,Ordinary people can’t match,Tianzun、Respect God、Even a very small number of high-level gods have the experience of long-distance travel in the void,Have the ability to cross space,But crossing the long river of time has obviously surpassed Tianzun’s ability,Even the realm of divine power,In the free world,Inferred by the Holy Spirit,Shenghuang and Huotianzun may be exploring this direction,But is there any breakthrough,No way to know。
The Holy Spirit itself does not have this ability,But with‘Eye of Prophecy’I can barely touch the threshold,Otherwise, you won’t find the big eyeballs peeping hostilely from far away,This is also an important reason why the Temple of the Five Elements is known as Qibao。
“In your world,Are they all strong like you??”Combined with the memory of the Holy Spirit,Juvenile heartbeat,Existence beyond Tianzun,What is this concept?Since the big eyeballs said so,In all likelihood, they came across a long river of time?Look like this,The means it possesses are by no means just seeing a little bit。
Although Big Eyeballs complained about being caught by the Holy Spirit,Actually the opposite,It is aiming‘Eye of Prophecy’Location information,Follow the vine,These are in the memory of the Holy Spirit,Current performance is mediocre,Or seriously injured,Or the ability is limited,Most likely intentional means of hiding,Otherwise, how does he deal with Li Tan when it matters??
Big eyes shook his body again,A proud look,But then I found something wrong,And leaned against the boy inadvertently,“In that strange world,Better than me,It’s really hard to find。”