“Ok,While there is still some time,Call my master too,Go to my room。”Li Tianchou checked the time,Thoughtful。

Four smoking guns sprayed the cabin into azure blue,After a long discussion, two opinions were finally formed,Zhu Lei、Peng Weihua agrees with the loan business with Hua Shengqiang,And Fu Erde has to be more cautious。Li Tianchou dragged his cheeks and did not make a clear statement,He was more cautious than Fuld,But after listening to more news that Peng Weihua learned,He suddenly changed his mind。
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Seven And mud
Fukuyama’s underground society is currently chaotic,Qunlong without head,No force can dominate a party like the previous Sun Guaizi。This is a delicate and sensitive stage,Boss、Gangsters around the corner,Want to take the opportunity to expand the sphere of influence,Even more ambitious。Among many forces,The bigger ones except Yuxing,And the Hua brothers、Wang Fan、Xue Monkey and Pang Rong in the southwest of the city。
Although Li Tianchou does not recognize Yuxing’s so-called Jianghu status,Because he wants the company’s development to be positive and sunny,But the underworld forces think so,Yuxing is a true fellow。Try to figure out the news from Peng Weihua,Recently, these forces have more or less changed or changed。
The long-term hostility between Wang Fan and Xue Monkey suddenly eased,On the contrary, the Hua brothers, who have been muffled and made a fortune, have a lot of tension with Xue Monkey,Even his younger brother recently did one。The lowest key is Pang Rong,With Shen Mingfang、The rapid collapse of Chen Bin and others,He almost never shows up。In addition, there are also a few people and horses that should not be taken lightly,Active in the west of the city,It originally belonged to Shen Mingfang’s site。
Li Tianchou imagined the geographical distribution of these forces in the county seat,The vague impression in my mind gradually became a little outline,And in response to these changes, you can even feel some traces。
The reason why Wang Fan and Xue Monkey are hostile for a long time,Mainly because the two people’s spheres of influence are intertwined,All concentrated in the city,Xue Monkey is closer to the northeast,Everyone vying for territory is naturally unavoidable。Although there was Chen Bin before、People like Dong Hui suppress,But the contradiction is already deep,Now it can ease down,This is intriguing。
Look at Yuxing Restaurant,Although its location is on the southeast of the city,It seems that it has nothing to do with Wang Fan and others。But the sites of Dong Hui and Chen Bin that Yuxing just eaten are in the city。These few shops may have become the thorns of Wang Fan and Xue Monkey。no doubt,Yuxing’s recent move to grab the site is one of the direct reasons。
The Hua brothers used to rely on Sun Guaizi to dominate the north of the city,Yuan and the city、These people in Chengdong don’t have too many interests。Different now,With Fukuyama’s removal of counties into districts, the pace has accelerated,The economy in the north of the city is rapidly becoming active。Several mini-minibus lines controlled by Hua’s second child have already penetrated the entire county.,This will definitely cause anxiety among Wang Fan and other forces。
So to deal with Yuxing,At the same time contain the Hua brothers,The two biggest forces in the city will probably choose to temporarily abandon their hostility,Even move towards union。I’m afraid this is also the meeting that day,The reason why Wang Fan and Xue Monkey were absent at the same time。But the Hua brothers did the opposite,This may be seen as they are looking for allies under pressure。
In the eyes of all forces,Behind Yuxing stands Geng Laowu,His arena status is equal to Sun Guaizi。After both sides smashed,Yuxing should have quickly filled the vacuum after the collapse of Sun’s force。However, it is not,This group of people cleaned up Xufengtang,Finally opened a small restaurant in the county seat。
The parties in the wait and see are puzzled,Just when they lost patience,When you are about to move,Yuxing moved quickly,Eat up Dong Hui’s remaining site in one breath。This outsider does not play the card according to common sense,So everyone calmed down for a while and continued to wait and see,But the little actions behind it have increased。Can even be expected,Most forces will only treat Yuxing as an opponent rather than a friend in the future,This is very troublesome,At this time, someone came to make friends,There is no reason to push it out?
Li Tianchou discussed his thoughts based on everyone’s opinions,Zhu Lei and others can’t help nodding,Although Lao Fu still has many concerns,But no objection,Everyone has formed a consensus。