Wen Xu immediately ran out of the office to Xiao Fan’s office。After coming in,He said to Xiao Fan:“boss,What’s your order?”

Xiao Fan said:“Did you find the designer to visit Baiqi’s office last night??”
Wen Xu said:“Oh,boss,I forgot。”
Xiao Fan heard Wen Xu say“forget”After these two words,He almost wanted to throw all the documents on the table at Wen Xu
Then he immediately said to Wen Xu very angry:“Do you think i found you,My office just wants to hear you tell me,Forgot these two words?”
At this time, Wen Xu obviously felt the murderous look in Xiao Fan’s eyes,Then he immediately smiled and said to Xiao Fan:“boss,I’m kidding you。”
“How could I forget such an important thing?How dare i,I went to see the designer yesterday,I can give me a design drawing at noon today。”
“and then?I went to the decoration company to find someone in the afternoon,Just come at night。”
The murderous aura in Xiao Fan’s eyes at this time is a bit heavier,He looked at Wen Xu and said to him:“OK,you。right now。You know you fooled me,right?”
“can。Wait until white
The chess office is finished,I’ll ask you to settle the account,It’s better to pack my luggage then,get ready,You should know where to go!”
This scared Wen Xu,He immediately said:“Don’t boss,I just made a joke with you,I think you are boring in the office,Let me have some fun。”
Xiao Fan said:“Do you think i look happy now?You think you are funny,right?”
Wen Xu said:“boss,No no no,Do not be angry。I think it was done for you beautifully,There won’t be any mistakes。 ”
“Don’t send me to Africa,I do not want to go。”Wen Xu almost cried。
Unexpectedly,I suddenly skinned。Will be punished so much,He just wants to tease Xiao Fan!
Usually he is not so bold,But occasionally I owe a lot。Xiao Fan is not particularly happy every time。