Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Banquet or trap?

“how about it?Is things going well?”See Qin Feng come back,Qiao Shan looked at Qin Feng with hope。
“Ok,Wait for news now,Should be able to wait at night。Don’t worry,Let’s eat and rest!”Finished,Qin Feng closed his eyes and rested。
Seeing Qin Feng’s appearance,Qiao Shan can’t say anything,Can only rest with me。
Although he is very excited at this moment,But he also understands that you can’t rush。
A few hours later,Night falls,Everyone waited in the company after finishing the repair,of course,All the employees of the company are off work.。So it looks relatively empty and quiet。
at last,When the outside world is feasting,A man who looked like a migrant worker broke in。of course,The person here is not Situ Hongyi himself,Just a child under his hand。
This one is also simply,Put down a copy of information and leave。
Fortunately, Qin Feng’s team now has three left,Otherwise, I definitely won’t remain so calm。
“All right,Information clues are here,You take a look。”Qin Feng passed the information directly to Qiao Shan。
After all, the latter can’t wait now,the most important is,Everything I do now is for Qiao Shan。According to Qin Feng’s idea,In order for Qiao Shan to fulfill his wish,I will definitely do everything in the end。When Qin Feng does his best to help him, Qiao Shan will definitely be grateful。
To know,At this time, the ancient friend Wan Yu who came down with Qiao Shan is taking care of Qiao Shan’s father Qiao Wei in the hospital。