Vaginal trichomoniasis is not a woman’s patent!


Men also suffer from “gynecological diseases”?

Vaginal trichomoniasis is not a woman’s “patent”!
Men also suffer from “gynecological diseases”?

When it comes to vaginal trichomoniasis, the first reaction of many people is that this is a “gynecological disease”, and only women will suffer from this disease.


Men also get vaginal trichomoniasis!


If you want to know the answer, just look down.

Before vaginal trichomoniasis was not a woman’s “patent”, it has been thought that only women can get vaginal trichomoniasis or mold.

In fact, these diseases are not women’s “patents”, and men may be infected with vaginal trichomoniasis.

According to foreign survey data, the incidence of trichomoniasis is as high as 5% to 20%.

Case study: Men also suffer from “gynecological diseases”?

Mr. Lin, who is in his thirties, is very depressed recently, but he is embarrassed. He used to feel itchy in the urethra and it is more obvious when he urinates.

After a detailed examination at the hospital, the doctor diagnosed vaginal trichomoniasis.

“I don’t feel very understanding. Isn’t this a disease for women? Why do men also have vaginal trichomoniasis?

Mr. Lin said that he always thought that he had urethritis or prostatitis. Some friends still suspected that he had a sexually transmitted disease. He also spent a lot of money on some small clinics, but he was not treated well. He was examined for this disease.I feel very embarrassed!

Trichomoniasis can cause male sexual dysfunction. “Trichomonas are almost immobile during the winter, only when the weather is hot, it is more obvious.
According to experts, the trichomoniasis parasite is in the vagina, urethra, etc., while the male is parasitic in the urethra, foreskin, prostate or epididymis.

If the trichomoniasis is excreted, they can still be displaced in the natural environment.

Trichomonas are highly resistant to the outside world. Some, in a dry environment, can survive for nearly 20 hours, and they can live for 7 hours even at minus 10 掳C.

If a man is infected with trichomoniasis, the urethra often has a itch and burning sensation after urination.

If accompanied by other secondary infections, the secretions in the urethra are excessive and purulent.

The infection spreads to the posterior urethra. The infection causes urgency, frequent urination, dysuria and other symptoms, and even prostatitis.

If the infection affects the epididymis of the seminal vesicle, it will cause male sexual dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility.