Xia Chenglong has not yet recovered his strength,The test of the other mountain peaks seems not as strong as theirs,That is to say in all people,They became the most disadvantaged。

“Humph,I hope that the city lord will not make three shortcomings,Otherwise, the old man will be desperate,I will poke a few holes here。”
For Mr. Lu,,Everyone can only express regret。
“Exhausted,How long will it take for this broken mountain to go up。”
Luck seems to have been favoring the guys before,Especially the guy who was shocked by Ah Wu,He actually came there too。
Just when the other party is about to move forward,Accidentally slipped,Unbalanced,Fall to the ground。
It’s steep here,Once you lose your balance, you will be slipped,Can only say good luck,That guy actually rolled hard during the descent,To the weed where Xia Chenglong was before,Then grab it and climb up。
This kind of luck doesn’t happen all the time,Since it has appeared, it is a kind of fate。
Xia Chenglong recovered a little bit of strength,Then continue to walk forward,The news of Mo Qilin’s elimination has been fed back。
It’s okay for them to quit,After all, this place is too weird。
Xia Chenglong frowned,Looking at the woods covered by white mist in front,Frowned and called。
But no one speaks!