Exercise helps lean people reduce the risk of heart disease


Exercise helps lean people reduce the risk of heart disease

A British study found that for people who are not exercising, the plasma level of lean people is not much different from that of fat people. The thin people who exercise regularly are definitely healthier than those who do not exercise, and the risk of cardiovascular disease is alsothe best.

銆€銆€The researchers pointed out that some people are especially thin people, and that weight loss is the only result of their exercise.

This is not the case. Our research shows that lean people, like everyone else, do as much exercise as possible to maintain health and monitor blood pressure.

銆€銆€According to reports, researchers led by British experts recruited about 100 men to participate in the study and divided them into three groups.

36 people are thin and have regular exercise; 47 people are thin and do not exercise; 27 people are thin and do not exercise.

銆€銆€The results show that the aerobic energy of the athletes (aerobic energy is the most reliable health indicator) is 30% higher than that of non-exercise people. Compared with ordinary men, the health of athletes is good, and those who are not sports are general.

There are significant differences between total cholesterol and low-density plasma in athletes and non-exercise, which are related to their exercise.

Although the body weight and body mass index of the two types of lean people are similar, the total plasma and low-density plasma of exercisers are significantly lower than those who do not exercise.

銆€銆€A person who is thin but not exercising, a small percentage is lower than a non-exercise fat person, but a taller but thinner but not athletic person.

Research refers to the risk of heart disease in people with exercise habits, and the risk is not related to a small percentage.