Grain is so important, experts decrypt the decryption pyramid

Grain is so important, experts decrypt the decryption pyramid

For some people, the good life did not bring happiness and health. The big fish and big meat only brought wide body and fat. Gradually increasing weight and rising blood pressure kept warning that he was getting farther and farther.Healthy.

After experiencing the gluttony of big fish and meat, and the baptism of health supplements, more and more people began to ask, “How to eat to be healthy?

“The Chinese expect the pyramid to give us the best explanation. The pyramid vividly tells us how to match food to be healthy. The top is fat foods, which means that the daily supplement is the smallest. The tower base is the grains and cereals, which is the intake.At most, it is also a very important part, which is the staple food we often say.

  As far as the staple foods of grains and grains are concerned, residents should eat whole grains, and use as few coarse grains as possible through fine processing. The fine processing technology allows the precious grains to lose a lot of precious nutrients in vain.

For example, the cellulose in the skin of coarse grains can effectively inhibit plasma absorption, reduce hyperlipidemia, promote bowel movements, and prevent constipation.

Experts suggest that, in general, the daily intake of grains and cereals is about 300-500 grams, and at the same time, the grains and cereals that are staple foods must be rationed. One kind of food should not be eaten to the end, and it should be often paired.

  For residents who eat rice and white flour as their staple food, eating coarse grain staple foods at least four times a week can ensure the proportion of coarse grain staple food. There are various types of coarse grains that can be eaten. Elderly people can cook multi-grain porridge, or make miscellaneous grains.For young families who are looking for convenience, they can directly buy miscellaneous cereals and convenient foods. For example, the whole grain cereals instant noodles-coarse grain express line produced by Deyufang can maintain the nutritional content of cereals very well. It is very suitable for white-collar workers at work.For girls, De Yufang’s coarse grain fast drink is definitely the best choice. The coarse grain fast drink is composed of a variety of coarse grain cooked powder and does not contain vegetable fat. It is the best choice for girls for breakfast and lunch.