Ministry of Education: Do not relax and end to do a good job of preventing and controlling the education system epidemic

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 11 (Reporter Li Yizhuan and Wen Lu) According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education held a video dispatch meeting for the third national education system epidemic prevention and control work on the 9th, exchanged local and universities, deployed the slightest Do not relax and endure the education system epidemic prevention and control work.

The meeting emphasized that in more than two years, the "Technical Plan for Prevention and Control Technology of Higher Schools, Primary and Middle and Middle Schools, and Children’s Organization Institutions" jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education has played a play "General Management of Regulatory Management" in the prevention and control of the education system epidemic situation. Important role. Educational departments and universities in various places should further compare technical solutions, implement various measures, and start to do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic of education systems.

The meeting analyzed the current education system’s epidemic situation, combined with the focus of the education system epidemic prevention and control of the education system in the spring semester, and deployed the prevention and control of the education system epidemic. The first is to strictly control the school gate of the epidemic prevention and control.

Teachers and students must strictly verify their identity, detect body temperature, and check the health code and itinerary card.

The second is to strengthen health monitoring.

Staff staff on campus key places strengthen health management, implement the student morning lunch inspection system, pay close attention to the health status of teachers and students, and implement the "four morning" requirements. The third is to guide teachers and students to strengthen personal protection.

Personal protection should be strengthened on campus and outside schools.

The fourth is to adhere to the cooperation of home and school.

To strengthen the health monitoring of teachers and students and their joint residents, especially when family members return from overseas and medium -to -high -risk areas to report as soon as possible.

Fifth, strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic in key places. Strictly implement the school’s cafeteria, dormitories, classrooms, libraries, gymnasiums, laboratories, public toilets and other schools in key places in key places, and do a good job of environmental disinfecting, ventilation, and hygienic cleaning.

Sixth, adhere to the common prevention of common diseases, with people, things, and environmental defense.

In preventing and controlling spring in spring, multiple infectious diseases are common to increase the frequency of surface disinfecting on the surface of key environments and high -frequency contact objects. Seventh, comprehensively improving emergency response capabilities.

Improve and improve the emergency response plan of the school’s emergency pneumonia epidemic, carry out emergency drills to ensure that the emergency plan can start at any time. Eighth is to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic. Strengthen the bottom -line thinking and risk awareness, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, check the loopholes, make up for shortcomings, and ensure that the development of school education, teaching, examination activities, and management services meets the prevention and control regulations of the epidemic. The year of the year lies in spring. The beginning of spring school is the key link of the whole spring semester.

The reporter learned that at the press conference of the State Council joint defense joint control mechanism, the person in charge of the relevant department of the Ministry of Education said (Responsible Editor: Li Yizhuan, Qin Hua) shared more people to see.